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Is seawater therapy the secret to long life in Sardinia?

They say the most stressful moments in a persons life are divorce, bereavement and moving house. Th..

Working Lunch at Ceru, the new Levantine star of Soho

​This former pop-up has just opened a second permanent home in the ultra-competitive foodie heart of..

Sales of kitsch inflatables have soared since Love Island returned

It appears the heat has gone to our heads. Is there no end to the kitsch tiki bars taking over terra..

Auction house breaks record with £10m Aston Martin sale

Auction house Bonhams yesterday broke the record for the most valuable British car sold at a Europea..

The 14-year wait for Pixar’s Incredibles 2 was worth it

Incredibly, the first Incredibles movie came out 14 years ago. Its a tough act to follow, having gar..

Skyscraper review: Ridiculous, high-altitude, action malarkey

Having recently fought a malevolent board game in Jumanji: Return to the Jungle, and wrestled giant ..

Most valuable Lucian Freud painting ever offered in London could fetch £20m

The most valuable Lucian Freud painting ever offered in London could be sold for up to £20m when it ..

Why it’s a buyers market in Tufnell Park at the moment

Tufnell Park is a small, quiet, in-between sort of place. Sandwiched in between the leafy village li..

London’s very own Japan House opened today in Kensington

Since the jet age, tourism to Japan has grown slowly and steadily, but recently it has shot up, doub..

Queer comedy Freak Show is undermined by its own unlikeable hero

A coming-of-age high-school comedy-drama about a queer teenager alienated for his fabulous and gende..

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Cosbys Team Labels His Accuser A Con-Artist In Opening Testimony

Entertainment Actor and comedian Bill Cosby arrives for jury deliberations for the seventh day of ..