A woman who gave birth to her son at age 17 thought he had died, but now theyve reunited 30 years later.

Tina Bejarano received an email from her long lost son after her daughter convinced her to do a DNA test.

“I think we need to talk, it says were related, and it says youre my mom,” Kristin, the son, wrote in the email, KMPH reported.

Bejarano told KMPH that she was raised by a stepfather and abusive mother.

When her mother found out she was pregnant, she said Bejarano wasnt allowed to keep the baby.

“The next day, she comes back to tell me, The baby died 15 minutes after it was born. It never made it. It was sick,'” Bejarano said.

Five days after Kristin was born, a family adopted and raised him in Las Vegas, ABC reported.

Although Bejanaro thought he died, she never stopped thinking about him.

Bejanaro and Eric Gardere, her husband, would celebrate Kristins birthday every year for 30 years.

“It was a hard time every year,” Bejarano said. “I would get depressed. I would cry all the time.”

A few months after giving birth to Kristin, Bejanaro and Gardere would get married and have five children together.

Even though Gardere wasnt Kristins biological father, he still claims Kristin as his own.

“Weve been communicating with Kristen for a few months now. He calls me dad, I call him son, I text him every morning,” Gardere said.

Kristin is now living with his wife and his own baby in New Jersey.

The whole family plans to meet on Nov. 24.

Nurse Adopts Premature Baby After No One Visits for 5 Months

Fortunately, there are people who are willing to adopt when babies have nowhere to go.

A 3-month-old baby girl born prematurely had no visitors for five months of her life, until someone finally spotted and adopted her.

When the baby, Gisele, was born, she had complications and only weighed 2 pounds. She was diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), which was a result of her birth mothers usage of heroin, cocaine, and methadone during her pregnancy, according to reports.

Gisele was born in an unknown hospital until she was transferred to Franciscan Childrens Hospital in Brighton, Massachusetts, when she was 3 months old. For the next five months, she was under observation—her complications required a feeding tube and specialized care for her lungs.

Smith, the director of the nursing department, spotted Giselle being wheeled down the hall of the hospital. She was intrigued by the 8-month-old and asked about the baby.

In an interview with TODAY, Smith said Gisele was taking in nutrition through a feeding tube for 16 hours every day.

“She was losing weight quickly,” Smith recalled, “being born at one pound, 14 ounces, you can imagine you have to catch up.”

“One night [Gisele] was hooked up to the feed … and the thought went into my head of losing her,” Smith recalled, “it made me sick to Read More – Source