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If you’ve been single in the last five years, you’ve probably been on Tinder.

And with that, you’ve probably come across the full range of profiles – the completely blank one, the over the top one, the genuinely nice ones and of course the people who try to be funny but just end up being awful.

One woman came across this Tinder bio for a man who tells his potential dates to ‘do the math’.

He then goes on to list what helps you to gain points in his eyes and how you can lose them.

She posted it on her Twitter profile @TheDreamGhoul and called it the ‘world’s worst straight dude tinder bio.’

If you work out you, are shorter than 5’3”, go to school (the post is from America, so think university rather than high school) ‘can hold a conversation’ and are ‘professional and ratchet’, you can pick up two points for each attribute.

i have stumbled upon the world’s worst straight dude tinder bio

— dream ghoul (@TheDreamGhoul) March 13, 2019



The highest scorer is ‘loving your family’ with three points.

If you like to drink, understand budgeting, practice a religion, are open-minded, a freak in bed, bougie and you have a hobby, you can gain another point for each.

But if you are thinking you’ve scored highly, there is the list of things that mean you lose points as well.

If you smoke cigarettes or watch Netflix for more than three hours a day, you would lose two points for each. Similarly if you are needy or rude, it’s minus two points.

If you ‘only do put a face on for an event’, be prepared to lose another point.

Again if you ‘have way too many clothes’ or can’t cook, you lose another point.

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And if you are unemployed, you lose four whole points.

Once you’ve calculated all that, you have your final score out of 20 that you can send to him through Tinder if you match.

Of course, even if you are his perfect 20 out of 20, you have to get past the fact he is a man who awards and deducts points based on your lifestyle.

Unsurprising, the post went viral.

One person said: ‘Ridiculous that he’s giving out more points for loving your family than being a freak in bed. also, 3 hours of Netflix a night shows dedication and should be rewarded, not penalized.’



Another added: ‘I’m a 8/20, but I’m a fucking catch. I’m sorry that working out while taking shots doesn’t equal the love I have for my family.’

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