Jiang Jinfu was detained in Japan for a month after he surrendered to the authorities in November 2018 over reports of his physical abuse of his then girlfriend.

Japanese model Haruka Nakaura alleged that he had caused her to miscarry, with her posting photos of bruises on her face and body.

She dropped the charges after he was detained and had vowed to change his ways.

Now, another woman, whom Jiang, 28, dated after that incident, has claimed that she is another victim of domestic violence, reported the 38jiejie portal.

Julieta, who is reportedly from Uruguay, posted that she had suffered during their three-month relationship.

She wrote that she was a prisoner in his apartment since she was not allowed to contact her friends.

Giving an example of how possessive he was, she said she had to give a long explanation over any outing that lasted beyond 30 minutes.

Julieta, who left Jiang in August, added that she lost access to her phone, computer and credit cards, and that he also assaulted her.

She noted that he was mean to his parents too and that her purpose in revealing her story was only to prevent other women from being hurt.

The actor has denied her allegations, posting on Weibo: "If I did it, I would admit to it. If I didn't do it, then I don't want to be wrongfully accused."

He has asked her to delete her online claims.

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