Who unfriended me on Facebook? How to tell who has deleted you as a friend
These tips could tell you who has unfriended or blocked you (Picture: NurPhoto/Getty Images)

Being deleted or unfriended on Facebook can be a rather unpleasant experience.

And finding out who’s had enough of seeing your posts in their news feeds is often difficult due to privacy settings.

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The social media site’s privacy settings mean it’s tricky to determine if you’ve been blocked, unfriended, or if the other user has simply tightened up their profile for everyone.

However, there are a couple of ways to see if you have been unfriended or blocked.

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Facebook Messenger is a good place to check (Picture: Getty)


You can search for a person in your inbox and, if they’re still on Facebook and haven’t blocked you, their profile picture and name will appear under the ‘More People’ heading.

When you block someone, they lose the ability to start a Facebook chat with you.

If you still have the option to message someone you’re no longer friends with, you haven’t been blocked, but unfriended.

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Maybe that person you suspect has left Facebook completely instead (Picture: Getty)

However, if the person doesn’t appear on Messenger – fear not – they may have instead left Facebook completely.

By scrolling back through your old messages, you may stumble across greyed-out profile pictures labelled Facebook User.

These belong to people who used to be Facebook friends with you, but are no longer active members.

Who Deleted Me app

There is also an app which can let you check who may have deleted you.

Who Deleted Me keeps track of your Facebook friends list and notifies you when anyone has removed you from their network.

The app was created by Exeter-based developer Anthony Kuske and is available for free on Android and iOS. There is also a free browser extension for Chrome.

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The app works by showing you your current list of friends and every time you return it compares the latest version to the saved one.

It then informs you who your missing friends are and whether they have deactivated their account, or have deleted you.

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