First person. I tolerate it in slower-paced games that are more about stealth or puzzles such as Dishonored and Portal, but even there I cant help but grumble to myself. Would it have killed them to add in a third person option? Especially when both series sprinkle in some light platforming too. Dont anybody dare try and cite Mirrors Edge to me! And here I feel the use of all caps is entirely justified: PLATFORMING IN FIRST PERSON IS INCREDIBLY STUPID!

Oh well, you know, it works better than youd think… is what every apologist ends up saying to some degree or other. You know what would make it work better? If it wasnt in bloody first person! And then, to add insult to the injury, they really put the effort in to making Faiths art design amazing… and then we only see her in cut scenes. Oh yes. Well done, you guys. Well. Done. You. I cant really express slow, sarcastic applause in the written word in an elegant manner. But that is exactly what the game deserved.

Sorry, the whole concept just reduces me to an incomprehensible blancmange of white hot rage and expletives. And it still remains as one of the great lies perpetrated by developers that somehow first person is more immersive. Oh yes, we wanted it to be in first person so that you could have immersion in our finely crafted world – as if you really there.

No! No, no, no, no, noooo! It is actually less immersive. You have no peripheral vision in first person so you have to swing the camera around madly to see what the bloody hell is going on! In myself this causes needless and undesired levels of stress, panic and anxiety, so a first person shooter is something I will pass by. No shooting Nazis in Wolfenstein for me. Not unless you give me a third person option.

And now we have two role-playing games outright refusinRead More – Source


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