1. Bloodborne (PS4)

I just cant seem to get enough of this Lovecraftian horror of a masterpiece. Not even compared with the Dark/Demons Souls games (though they are the closest), where the lore is just absolutely fascinating. The intrigue and darkly delicious plot is of such cosmic epic-ness that I cant help think that along with the level design, graphical style, and of course the amazing gameplay, that perfection may have been hit and that there is no need for a sequel. But boy I would love one, please.

2. God Of War (PS2)

The most recent God Of War was possibly a one of a kind masterpiece. But it was the level design and combat mechanics of the very first one which sold me. The little touches I found amusing also. A character you bump into all the time, who asks for your help and you just end up just making life more difficult for him whether intentional or not was just comic value in a world of absolute bloody carnage. Best bit was taking up and using a sword as the God Of War, which you recently went across as a bridge when you were just a slightly smaller character.

3. Katamari Damacy (PS2)

A game of such uniqueness, which was popular with GC viewers and a cult favourite on various Sony formats. Just roll up objects in a room and grow. Pick up larger objects and grow. Eventually pick up the house you started in and get that ball of bits and bobs collecting even larger creatures, buildings, scenery, and eventually entire towns and cities, land masses, mountains, countries, continents, and pretty much the entire earth. Eventually roll up various celestial bodies with the rest of cosmos coming after! Sounds nuts! Just seek out the game and youll know what I mean. Just awesome.

4. Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night (PS1)

One of my all-time favourites and just simply a shining example of a side-view platformer which sets an example for how far and inventive these games can get with its Metrovania mechanics, which started a whole bunch of future indie titles. The music is just so perfect and so appropriate for the many different areas youRead More – Source


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