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SSX Tricky – has it had its day?

GameCentral readers discuss which video games they most want to see get a comeback, from Soul Reaver to SSX.

The subject for this weeks Hot Topic was suggested by reader Preston and inspired by the large number of, often surprisingly obscure, remakes being released lately. We wanted to know what games you think should return and whether you think they could be a hit again.

We had plenty of different suggestions from many different eras, but while a few names did come up often just as many were surprised to find that all their most obvious wishes had already, or were about to be, granted.

Tricky suggestion

Ive recently re-downloaded SSX (2012) on my Xbox One S, which brings me back to many fine memories (and hours) playing SSX Tricky on the GameCube.

SSX Tricky was to me a finely tuned experience and Id love to see its colourful return to the current
Gen, especially now that a broader range of colours has come back to gaming in the past few years.

I realise after the likely flop of Steep (which I also have on my hard drive) that extreme sports
games, like quality arcade racers, are few and far between and have fallen out of fashion with both developers and gamers alike.

So I personally dont mind if its a full-on remake, which I gather is out of the question, or a less
costly remaster or even a nice port, as the YouTube footage I watched showed that it still holds up rather well.

It could be download-only at first to test the waters and whether gamers have an appetite to return to the SSX World and style of play.
Chaosphere616 (gamertag)
PS: Ive just discovered that SSX3 is backwards compatible with my Xbox One, so Ive purchased this and am downloading it as I type this. Maybe the same could happen to SSX Tricky. Stranger things have happened this year.

James Bond will not return

Its a great shame that this probably wont happen due to licensing problems but a Rare GoldenEye 007 HD remaster would be phenomenal for me, with online multiplayer thrown in for good measure. However, Id prefer the terrible artificial intelligence (although it was advanced at the time) to remain as my friends and I always used to laugh when several guards just carried on standing up rigid after being shot in the head!

Also, a Sega Rally HD remaster would be fantastic and I cant understand why that hasnt already happened as it was done with the original Daytona USA despite Sega Rally being the superior game.

Afraid to ask

My choice for a series of games Id like to see remade or remastered would be the F.E.A.R. games. I thought the first two in particular were excellent first person shooters with a good storyline and creepy aesthetic.

From what I remember it was also praised for having good artificial intelligence which seems to be a rare thing nowadays. Id also mention The Darkness, which I picked up on backwards compatibility earlier this week. While the story and gameplay is still engaging the graphics are pretty poor now and Id love to play a spruced up version.



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Level up

Regarding remasters and remakes from older generations I would love to see some of the obscure role-playing games from the PlayStation era. This would include Guardians Crusade, Granstream Saga, Breath Of Fire IV and Blaze, and Blade: Eternal Quest. All very random I know, but one can dream.

More likely chances are the Pandemonium games, manic little platformers that will now have that retro vibe.

The dream though would be Vagrant Story, probably the best Square Enix non-Final Fantasy title. Would love to see this up-scaled to new graphics.
Jason L. Tompsett-Ince

Lets go Mr Driver

What game would I love to see get a remake or remaster? Im going to be cheeky and ask for two.
A straight remake of Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind please! Oblivion was the first Elder Scrolls game I played, so it would be great to see what came before.

A slightly more off the wall one: I would love a reimagining of Chase H.Q. or S.C.I. Not a straight-up remake, but essentially a single-player, story-led open world driving game where you have to take down criminals by ramming them off the road. With each criminal leading you further up the crime food chain.

I would have an arcade perfect remake as an unlockable for completing the game, and multiplayer would be pretty easy: cops vs. robbers.

Alas I doubt it would ever happen, but hey ho. Lets go me driver!
The Dude Abides

GC: We didnt know if thats a typo or what you thought he was saying so we left it in.

Lost rights

Probably a bit obscure, but there was a potentially fantastic game released on the PC back in 1997 called Birthright: Gorgons Alliance. It used the Dungeons & Dragons licence and presented you with a strategic management simulator, together with tactical grid-based battles, and a third person party based dungeon crawl adventure.

Essentially, during your turn you managed your resources, conquered territories through battlefield actions, and went adventuring with your heroes to find ancient magical artefacts. Unfortunately, it wasnt very polished, was quite tough, and wasnt particularly successful. But if someone could take what was there and turn it into a remake, then Id buy it (again)!

Winter is not coming

Considering what older games I would like to have remade or remastered has really got me thinking…

There are a few Id definitely buy again, but be warned, I might be going into some rather ancient lore here, so bear with me!

First up Id like to see a fully-fledged remake of the Lords Of Midnight by Mike Singleton. The sequel, Doomdarks Revenge even more so. I played these games for thousands of hours when I was a whippersnapper, made all the more intense by the fact that I never had a map and had to map all the locations on graph paper. It took me years to clock and even now, I still dust them off for a spot of nostalgia. The warring lands of Midnight and Icemark in 4K resolution and properly realised environments with cutthroat artificial intellegence would be a game in heaven for me.

Secondly, Im hanging for a proper 3D engine for Westwood Studios classic Eye Of The Beholder series. Dungeon-crawling at its very best, underneath the sprawling city of Waterdeep? Sign me up! Party-based combat still hasnt quite hit the same sort of highs for me…

Thirdly (and I know this is going to sound even more strange), Id love to see a remaster of FUEL, the off-road open-world racer that Codemasters published back in 2009. The game was sheer brilliance; the backdrop of global warming, wild storms, forest fires, and devastation really hit home when I played it for the first time around 2016. Unfortunately, FUEL suffered from massive frame rate and graphical issues (especially on the PlayStation 3), but surely that could be ironed out with todays current gen technology?

Really retro

They could start with Hogs Of War, very similar to Worms but far more enjoyable.

And if you want to go really retro they could try and make a new Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Chuckle Egg, and Dizzy.



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One to go

A few years ago, Id have had a very definite list of games I want to see getting either remastered or just re-released with a bit of polish. The top ones would have been Shenmue, Resident Evil 2, Spyro The Dragon, Final Fantasy VII and VIII, and MediEvil.

Now all of them have been done in some form, and three on the way completely remade, theres genuinely only a few dozen left of my nostalgic faves Id love to see make a return as the main ones are done/incoming. I dont hold out much hope for any of them, but Id have said the exact same about Shenmue and Spyro so you never know.

First, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Still one of my favourite games from the PS1 era, I was quietly hoping itd be one of the 15 unannounced games on the PlayStation Classic so I was gutted when it wasnt on the list. It also guaranteed I wouldnt be buying the Classic and never will – and this would be my number one pick to get a remake. Just put it on PSN as it was though and they can have my money gladly.

Then theres ones I really have zero hopes for. Jet Set Radio, I adored that game but I dont think it sold well in any of its versions so it seems doubtful. Skies Of Arcadia would be a dream come true for me, either a remaster or sequel. Grandia II would be another Id happily buy on release as would Vagrant Story.

I could probably think of dozens more if I were greedy: The Last Ninja, Tenchu, Parasite Eve, Phantasy Star Online, Project Zero (Fatal Frame), Manhunt, Beyond Good & Evil, Pyschonauts (done Ratchet & Clank next gen style as the PSN port hasnt aged well at all), Head Over heels, Turrican, and 40 Winks.

With the success of Crash and Spyro, and undoubted big sales of Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy VII, and hopefully MediEvil to come then I may get to see at least one of that lot at some point if the devs and publishers see that classics can be commercially successful, especially when theyre done as well as Toys for Bob have done with the Spyros.

Its a fantastic time to be a gamer now, not only is there brand-new absolute stonkers coming out regularly (especially for Sony owners) theres genuinely brilliant remasters and remakes out there for the older ones like me to fall back in love with, and younger ones to experience for the first time. Long may it continue.
Lost Sock

GC: Final Fantasy VIII has never been remade or remastered, just re-released. (A lot of the pre-rendered backdrops are though to have been lost.)


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