Nintendo: I obviously expect much more information about Luigis Mansion 3, the Zelda: Links Awakening remake, and Animal Crossing. And for those three to be playable at the show and maybe Pokémon Sword/Shield (although Im not sure E3 is a fitting environment for that). I think all that plus Fire Emblem and some smaller titles make a good second half for the year and a couple of those could be real contenders for best game of 2019.

Id like to see at least a small tease for a big single-player 2020 game. A Zelda: Majoras Mask style sequel to Breath Of The Wild for late next year (when the game will be over three and a half years old) would steal the show in terms of news and while it usually takes five years or more for a substantial Zelda game to be made, I cant see them so easily abandoning that incredible engine and all its assets this time, so a lot of the framework is already in place.

Microsoft: Id be surprised if they didnt give more away about their next machines. Part of me thinks that for both Microsoft and Sony there might be an element of both forward and backward compatibility with many new games being cross generation and no requirement to own separate copies of them for next gen machines. This would be a bit too pro-consumer and risk undermining the point of buying new machines but it might justify some of the very big games that are still pencilled in for late in the day this gen. It may even go as far as all next gen games initially running on an Xbox One X as well, albeit at a lower performance level so just the One S is phased out when the new machines arrive.

From the sound of it, it seems Microsoft are also going to try and knock it out the park in terms of first party support and I wonder if therell be a quantity over substance issue there. Its no good boasting a ton of first party games if most of them are instalments in overfamiliar series or from studios yet to prove themselves. Anyway, thats just my expectation rather than being based on much.

In terms of what I actually want from Microsoft, the best I can think of is for their cloud service to run on Switch.
Third parties: I expect a few Watch Dogs style tech demos that pretenRead More – Source


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