The two big trends in smartphone development are increasingly fast processors and ever-sleeker cases.

The drawback, of course, is that fast processors require a lot of power, and sleek cases leave no room for batteries – which is why your mate is always plugging their phone in whenever they come round.

So you can see why there might be room in the smartphone market for Avenir Telecoms Power Max P18K Pop.

Power Max by name, and power max by nature. This absolute beast of a phone promises a solid weeks worth of use between charges.

That equates to 48 hours of continuous video playback. So if you have a serious hankering to watch Andy Warhols amazingly dull art-house epic Empire you could watch it three times on the bounce before plugging your phone in.


CALL THAT A PHONE? THIS IS A PHONE: The Pop measured against an iPhone (Pic: Energiser)

If youre not actively using it, the phone will stay charged for about 50 days.

The downside, of course, is that the Power Max is a seriously big unit. Its about three iPhones thick, so youll need a jacket with sizeable pockets.

But that chunky body has room for five cameras (two for selfies, three on the back) a MediaTek processor, 6GB of memory and 128GB of storage.

The phone, which runs Android 9, will launch this summer – lets hope cargo shorts with big pockets come back into style.

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BIG TALK: This thing is massive (Pic: Energiser)

The average modern smartphone has a battery in the 2,500-3,500 mAh range, which is why most people need to charge theirs overnight. The P18K Pop has a trulRead More

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