HONG KONG • Jacqueline Wong has a happy Chinese New Year to look forward to next month.

In yet another sign she has clawed back more support among the bosses at her employer, broadcaster TVB, her show, The Maid Alliance, has been slated for screening during the festive period.

According to the HKet portal, that decision marks the biggest step in her rehabilitation by TVB after she was caught kissing married singer Andy Hui in April.

Wong, 30, fled to the United States to avoid the backlash and TVB reacted by reshooting scenes involving her in one of her shows – Forensic Heroes 4 – and canned her other productions.

But Wong caught a break when the unrest in Hong Kong forced TVB not to screen shows that feature the police or triads.

The police have been accused of over-reacting to protests, while triad members allegedly attacked protesters in an MTR station several months ago.

Short of content, TVB pulled Wong's show, Finding Her Voice, out of cold storage in October.

Many Hong Kong viewers apparently also feel she has been sidelined long enough, with Finding Her Voice drawing decent ratings.

That response also prompted Wong to break her online silence after the scandal.

Last month, in posting her grRead More – Source


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