President Trump has a theory as to why the protesters publicly opposing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Capitol Hill have been so angry.

Trump was asked about the mobs of progressive protesters that have been active in the nations capital as he left the White House for a campaign rally Tuesday. Specifically, he was asked about the intense “energy” of the protesters.

“A lot of those were paid protesters. You saw that they are all unhappy because they havent been paid yet,” Trump noted about the protest. “Ive been following it. They are paid protesters. That was professional. That was orchestrated when you look in the halls of Congress and you see screaming like that its like chimes, one goes and another goes.”

He continued: “They are paid protesters. I dont know that their energy is great. I can tell you the energy on the Republican side. I dont think its ever been greater. Maybe 2016 where, if you remember, the energy was very good.”

Trump retorted, “I know fellow Americans that are evil. Are you saying we should not say fellow Americans are evil? Ive known some fellow Americans that are evil,” before walking away.


Kavanaugh spent his first day seated on the court Tuesday hearing oral arguments.

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