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Canada’s Liberal government is promoting gender issues with its 2018 budget — the word “gender” appears 358 times in its 369-page document released Tuesday afternoon.

Canada will even start collecting data on its citizen in a “non-binary fashion” with people opting for gender-neutral pronouns. Translation: you don’t have to identify as a male or female if you don’t want to or if you believe you are something else.

As the budget explains, “[To] continue acquiring inclusive data on sex and gender in the future, Statistics Canada officials have been working with LGBTQ2 organizations on plans to adjust Census of Population questions and response options to better reflect how people identify themselves—for example, allowing respondents to answer in a non-binary fashion. This will enable the Government to accumulate more data…and consequently enrich policy development, while simultaneously providing a modern census that is inclusive of all Canadians.”

The nitpicking social reengineering was widely mocked on social media Tuesday night, including a Twitter post from Toronto Sun editor Anthony Furey:

“This is a real line from #Budget2018: “men and boys also have gendered intersecting identities”. I swear I’m not making that up.”


The Trudeau government also plans to build a new center to collect and track “gender and diversity data.” The Center for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Statistics along with the Indigenous Statistical Capacity Development Initiative “will address gaps on the availability of data on gender, race and other intersecting identities” that will enable the government to “measure and track Canada’s progress on achieving shared growth and gender equality objectives.”

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