Total War Saga: Troy - trademark websites prove to be the Achilles heel for secretive games

Total War Saga: Troy – trademark websites prove to be the Achilles heel for secretive games

Trademark websites have once again ruined attempts at new video game reveals, with both Sega and EA having their secrets spoiled.

It sounds Call Of Duty is going to go head-to-head with FortniteCall Of Duty battle royale and Black Ops 5 planned for 2020 claim rumours

Theres usually two main ways that a video game leaks ahead of time: either some idiot on a shop site puts it up early or one of the various age rating or trademark websites around the world make information public without realising its significance.

By comparison, proper leaks are relatively rare but over the weekend the UKs Intellectual Property Office let slip that Segas next game is going to be Total War Saga: Troy.

The first game was the self-explanatory Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia, which begins in the year 878 AD, and it seems even easier to guess what this new game will be about.



The Total War Saga is a sub-franchise of smaller scale strategy games that rather than take in a whole era of history is focused down on a specific event.

The only question here is whether itll play things straight in terms of historical facts (which are surprisingly limited, with the actual location of the city of Troy still unclear until relatively recently) or if theyll add the Greek gods to the mix and try and adapt the Illiad.

Knowing the history of the Total Wars series itll probably be closer to 2004 Brad Pitt movie Troy, but it would be interesting to see developer Creative Assembly take a more romanticised view of the legend.

Either way it seems likely that the game will be unveiled at, or just before, Gamescom next week.

That may also be the case with Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville, whose name was leaked by the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

This is presumably the new shooter that EA recently sent out alpha playtest invites for, although the name stRead More – Source


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