• Pretty much everyone loves a VW T1 bus, and they should love this one even more because it's electric. Volkswagen
  • It's called e-BULLI, and it uses off-the-shelf VW EV bits in its powertrain. Volkswagen
  • The motor comes from this, the e-up! which is an adorable little BEV for Europe. Volkswagen
  • e-BULLI can charge at up to 50kW. Volkswagen
  • With uprated modern suspension, e-BULLI can handle this curve better than a normal 1966 VW T1 Samba Bus. Volkswagen
  • The interior is a tasteful restomod, with a small digital state-of-charge display set into the 1960s speedo. Volkswagen
  • The gear selector—and a tool for poking things? Volkswagen
  • eClassics and VW mostly kept the interior classic. That infotainment screen is actually a tablet that's been mounted above the windscreen. Volkswagen
  • VW and eClassics are not the first people to electrify a VW bus. This one was converted here in the US in the 1970s, and I came across it at Car Week last year. Jonathan Gitlin
  • Among the people who love VW's bus are people who work at VW, because it's gone back to that well for inspiration a lot. In 2001 it built this concept, called Microbus. It wasn't electric, and the engine was mounted up front. Volkswagen
  • In 2011, VW built another bus concept, called BULLI. This one was also conventionally powered. Volkswagen
  • At CES in 2016, VW debuted BUDD-e. This one was electric, and the company started making positive noises about making a production version. Volkswagen
  • In 2017, we saw the ID Buzz, which showed off the versatility of VW's forthcoming modular electric architecture. Volkswagen
  • This one is destined to go on sale in 2022. You can watch a short video we made about it back in 2017 if you have a couple of minutes to spare. Volkswagen
  • If you made it all the way through the gallery, here is a reward: a photo of Senior Technology Editor Lee Hutchinson, with his isolation beard. I think it suits him! Lee Hutchinson

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