An image showing off all three old Dragon Quest games coming to the Nintendo Switch

The first time these games are coming to a console in Europe (Picture: Nintendo)

Nintendos home console is the perfect home for all role-playing games, even more so with the more Square Enix releasing a few only for the Switch.

What a month this is going to be for fans of the Dragon Quest series, or more specifically for those fans who own a Nintendo Switch. For lovers of traditional turn-based battles, the latest role-playing game Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age – Definitive Edition releasing on 27 September exclusively for Switch.

But, its not the only title releasing on this day.

Three more Dragon Quest games are coming to the West on 27 September in a surprise tweet announcement, as these were initially going to be released in Japan only, as shown in a Japanese Nintendo Direct on 9 September.

For the first time on a console in Europe, Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II: Luminaries Of The Legendary Line and Dragon Quest III: The Seeds Of Salvation are coming to Nintendo Switch.



All three titles are being released separately on the Nintendo eShop, but sadly nothing is up yet for those who live in Europe. The US prices are $4.99 (£3.99) for Dragon Quest, $6.49 (£5.49) for Dragon Quest II and $12.49 (£9.99) for Dragon Quest III. All three titles are not direct ports from the original games released on Nintendo Entertainment System, instead, they seem to look similar to the updated mobile ports put on iOS and android.

Find out where it all began – the first three #DragonQuest games are coming to North America, and for the first time on console in Europe, on #NintendoSwitch!

You can start with any of the three games, so get ready for classic adventures from September 27th.

— DRAGON QUEST (@DragonQuest) September 16, 2019

The original Dragon Quest is the first in the series and has players take control of Hero who is a descendant of the legendary hero Erdrick, who embarks on an epic journey through the land of Alefgard.

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Dragon Quest II is set one hundred years after the events of the first title, where a young prince of the kingdom of Midenhall must set off on a dangerous adventure to slay the nefarious wizard Hargon.

Dragon Quest III takes players in a separate world from which the first two games inhabit, and starts in the land of Aliahan, where a young hero is given the challenge to rid the world of the evil archfiend Baramos.



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