• Hello, darkness, my old friend. Valve
  • An alien life-form as preserved and squished into a massive capsule. Let's put it to use. Valve
  • Alyx shoves it into this machine, which then crushes green ooze out of said creature. Valve
  • Then that life force is stitched into your hand, all while your overseer (who watches you via a connected camera) insists that it'll be fine. Valve
  • The game includes two types of teleportation options for movement, along with a "free-walking" mode. In both teleportation cases, you'll aim your warping feet in the distance, and you'll see their location and orientation ahead of you. Valve
  • Here, Alyx has warped ahead and shot the Headcrab off of the poor soul ahead. Valve
  • As Alyx, you can use your hands, or objects like a gun's barrel, to move and nudge nearby objects. Valve
  • The first hint we've seen of a currency system in the game. Valve
  • You'll use "resin" to upgrade your weapons. Valve
  • And you'll need upgraded firepower when facing aggressive, familiar foes. Thankfully, the bulletproof glass stopped this Headcrab from latching onto your face. Valve
  • The only good Headcrab… Valve
  • …is a dead Headcrab. (But, seriously, it's nice to see this terrifying creature's model so grotesquely updated over a decade later.) Valve
  • If you see a loose, glowing syringe, grab it and stab it into your opposing hand for a quick health boost. Valve
  • Teleportation during combat. Valve
  • Yes, you can grab car doors and turn them into makeshift cover during a firefight. Valve
  • Aim at the weak point. Valve
  • Massive damage. Valve
  • The Gravity Gloves are hard to show off in screenshot form, but here's a sequence. Step one: we try to manipulate that thin, glowing object below. Valve
  • Step two: a familiar foe grabs it with its tongue. Valve
  • Step three: we shoot it out of said creature's mouth, killing it and distending its innards in the process. Valve
  • The series' mix of man-made and alien-made environs, colliding in creepy fashion once again. Valve
  • Let's use the Gravity Gloves to snag that glowing, orange thing from this suspended creature. What could go wrong? Valve
  • I mean, it was dead, anyway. Valve

On Monday, three weeks before its retail launch on Windows PCs, Half-Life: Alyx received its most revealing look yet. This new video series, weighing in at 10 minutes, is an incredible summary of the upcoming VR game's three pillars: puzzles, action, and creeping dread.

I can confirm that this footage is spliced from various moments through the campaign, with only one scene, labeled "Gameplay Video 1," taking place within the game's earliest section. Based on what I've learned from multiple sources, this video series has been very carefully curated, because it focuses more on how Alyx's VR movement and beat-by-beat gameplay will look and feel, as opposed to spoiling its storytelling or more complicated puzzles.

The three-part series has one huge component in common: the Gravity Gloves. This new control system appears to work exactly as I'd learned ahead of last year's reveal:

Need to grab or pick something up? Point at whatever that object is (whether it's close or far away) with an open hand until it glows orange, then close your hand and flick yourRead More – Source

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