Super Mario Maker 2 - pull that cord and you'll switch night to day

Super Mario Maker 2 – pull that cord and youll switch night to day

Another sort-of secret option is the new night mode for each of the main themes. This is a lot more interesting that it sounds as not only does it change the graphics but it also alters the gameplay in some way – something you may have noticed in other peoples courses and wondered how they did it.

The trick is to place the Angry Sun enemy (who wasnt in the previous Mario Maker) in a level and then press and hold on it to get the option of changing it into a moon. When it transforms youll see the whole level will change to night and a toggle for night mode will appear in the course theme picker. It only has to be unlocked like that once though and will remain a permanent option thereafter. The only restriction is that its not available for Super Mario 3D World levels.

Many of the power-ups work differently in night mode but the main difference, apart from the graphics and music, depends on the specific theme you use, so heres a rundown of the effects.

Ground: Some enemies, such as goombas, float.

Sky: Lower gravity, causing everyone to move as if theyre weightless.

Underground: The level is upside down, inverting controls for up and down.

Forest: Water is now poisonous.

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