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Strange Brigade – New Character Update

Today, Rebellion has announced that anyone that picks up Strange Brigade in the first 30 days of its release will get access to a brand new character.

Unveiled at the conclusion of todays terrifically launch trailer (see below) the gentleman explorer Winston Bey is now part of the Brigade! AND hes FREE to all players who pre-order or purchase STRANGE BRIGADE on any platform during the first 30 days after launch.

Prospector, journalist, spy, diplomat and traveller – Winston Bey has explored the world and seen it all. He tells himself the Brigades adventures are “just an amusing diversion” in his extensive voyages, but the Department of Antiquities already has longer-term employment in mind…

You can see him in action – and catch the new trailer – below.

Strange Brigade – Gameplay 101 Trailer

Strange Brigade's launch is edging ever closer, and ahead of the co-op shooter's launch, Rebellion is keen to show off what you'll be able to do in the title.

In the newest trailer, we get a rundown of the title's features in a sort-of 'gameplay 101' run through.

This is the most extensive gameplay we've seen of the title to date, so if you're excited about playing the pulp action game on August 28, be sure to watch and see what exciting adventures you have in store.


Strange Brigade's story mode is fun and will offer plenty of challenge through its long levels for players to really get their teeth into… but we think the game shines brightest elsewhere.

In our most recent hands-on with the title, we had the chance to play through two more modes the game will feature at launch: Score Attack and Horde.

It's in Score Attack that we think the game really shines: Rebellion takes all the best bits of the game, from the ludicrous magical weapons to the varied mix of enemies, and throws them at you in tightly-controlled, straight path that's perfect for players that want a more action-oriented focus than the Story mode provides.

The levels in Strange Brigade are good, but sometimes they feel over-stuffed – going from arena to labyrinth to explore can feel a bit disjointed here and there – so having Score Attack as an option, where the game pulls you through tough, well-designed combat missions in a hurry, is a lovely touch.

One mission sees you take a normal horde with your chosen setup, before giving you a massive machine gun to mow down enemies with. You've then got a few second to barrel it to the next gateway, shoot a trigger and get through to the next zone before your multiplier bottoms out.

You know in racing games how you're tasked with finding the 'quickest line' through a level in order to really nail it? This is the co-op shooter version of that – and it's honestly so much fun working with your mates to beat your own times, your own runs.

Horde is similarly cathartic – but instead of a smartly designed set of intentional challenges with intentional loadouts, you're left to your own devices and tasked with out a plethroa of undead and simply surviving.

We were concerned about the longevity and content on offer in Strange Brigade before this hands-on – 'the story is good, but is it £40 good?' we asked. With Score Attack and Horde on offer from the get-go, we're convinced the game is robust enough an offering to compete with the full-price titles coming to market over the next few months.

Honestly, Strange Brigade is the game that just keeps on giving.

Strange Brigade PS4 Xbox One PC Steam screenshots

Rebellion's new game is a 1950's inspired pulp adventure, and it looks remarkable.

Rebellion's newest game – Strange Brigade – is due out at the end of August, and from what we've seen so far it's a pretty decent little title.

The game – which looks like the perfect co-op title to scratch that Left 4 Dead itch – will be launching this August 28 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

For the purpose of this Strange Brigade guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about the upcoming Rebellion game ahead of release.

This shall include all the details you need about the games core features, the release date and most importantly our own preview from our time playing the game at E3 2018.

Between now and the release later this year, we'll continually update this page with all the latest news and information you need as it's revealed.

For now, though, enjoy these excellent looking screenshots for the game


Strange Brigade – At a glance

Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Rebellion
Platforms: Xbox One,PS4, PC
Genre: Co-Op Shooter
Release Date: August 28

Strange Brigade – What is it?

Here's an official blurb for Strange Brigade:

There are remote corners of the British Empire where supernatural terrors lurk in the shadows. Join the Strange Brigade in a rip-roaring new 1930s adventure for 1-4 players! Explore the ancient world, fight back hordes of mythological menaces, and defeat treacherous traps and puzzles. Its a veritable safari into danger!

The game is a co-op shooter that revolves around exploration, defense and teamwork. It's a good little game we can imagine will be all the better once you get some beers in you and sit down with your mates.


Strange Brigade – Preview

If you're used to Rebellion games being more like Zombie Army Trilogy or the Sniper Elite series, you're going to be a little taken aback by Strange Brigade. It's a massive departure for Rebellion, and for the best.

The title puts you in the shoes of one of four explorers, who each have their own special moves in the game. Most of the controls are the same across all characters – it's a third-person shooter, and if you've ever played something similar before, you'll immediately recognise the control scheme for it.

The difference is, hitting a face button will draw in souls of defeated enemies to your character, filling up a special gauge.

Once the gauge is full, you'll be able to pull off your special move. If you're smart, you can combo these with your teammates and start chaining moves.

The more enemies you fell in quick succession, the easier it becomes to kill waves at a time, refill your bar, rinse and repeat.

Skill with a gun will get you to that original peak, then the fun really begins – pulpy, nonsense action as you mow down mummy after mummy in the North African setting.

The game is broken down into two main sections: exploration and combat. The exploration is fun, littered with bonus items to locate, puzzles to solve and diverging paths to explore.

It gives a good pace to the title, and makes the downtime exciting – there's a lot of lore to the 1930's world you find yourself in, embattled against a raging African god, and picking that apart between big, silly gunfights is surprisingly cathartic.

We don't think Strange Brigade is going to win any awards for storytelling, but that's fine.

It's not after that kind of accolade – instead, this is the game you're going to hear your mates talk about in the pub, spinning stupid tales about how they were going down until you potshotted a ravaging mummy in the head at the last minute.

Laughing about that cursed vase that made you all fall into a trap, plagued with loads of angry Anubis things. Get a few beers in you, get this on the big screen and have a laugh – it's that kind of game.

A more casual take on co-op shooters that kind-of mixes Left 4 Dead with old-school shooters.

We're big fans of Strange Brigade, and we think after a few levels and a four-pack of lager, you will be too.

The game is broken down into two main sections: exploration and combat. The exploration is fun, littered with bonus items to locate, puzzles to solve and diverging paths to explore.


Here's what you can look forward to in the game:

One Gripping Adventure! – Hunt the foul Seteki through a rip-roaring campaign filled with dangerous dig sites, prodigious pyramids and crumbling caves packed with bountiful foes to send back to the afterlife. Explore alone or team up in 2-4 player online co-op!

Four Fearless Fortune Hunters – Travel the ancient world as one of four dashing agents trained to tackle the supernatural. Unleash devastating magical powers and powerful prototype weapons such as the fire-spitting Krakatoa, the ice cold Chill Burster, and the brain-busting Blunderbuss!

A Legion of Malevolent Monsters – Seteki is not the only mythological menace to have awoken… shes brought an army of loyal beasts with her! Face her many nefarious neer-do-wells, including moaning mummies, fire-breathing assassins, armour-plated minotaurs, and much worse!

Tons of Terrifying Traps – Keep an eye on your environment to find creative ways to boff your enemies! Decapitate the undead with spinning blades, fry them to a crisp with fire traps, crush them with a well-placed boulder and more!

Oodles of Predicaments – Keep those peepers peeled for suspicious clues, secret entrances and ancient contraptions that need re-awakening! Who knows what alluring treasures and buried riches await you on the other side…


Rip-roaring action adventure game Strange Brigade is due to release August 28 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and ahead of the formal launch of the game, Rebellion has announced its post-launch plans for the title.

The post-launch content will be accessible via a Season Pass which will introduce a brand new three-part campaign, new weapons, new outfits and more – as well as updated content dropping into the game every month.

According to a press release, the Season Pass includes:

• An intriguing new three-part mini-campaign, with amazing spectacles and incredible feats!
• Brave new heroes from across the globe, complete with their own inimitable abilities!
• Brand new wonderful weapons, outrageous outfits, amazing amulet powers and more!
• And yes, thats right, all future STRANGE BRIGADE content!

Players can pre-order the Strange Brigade Deluxe Edition now, featuring the game and Season Sass in a great value-for-money bundle.

All Strange Brigade pre-orders include the Secret Service Weapons Pack FREE, which includes the Wilkers & White P19 pistol, Stoudenmire 960 submachine gun and the Gehrig-Delgane S1 rifle.

The SEASON PASS includes:

  • An intriguing new three-part mini-campaign, with amazing spectacles and incredible feats!
  • Brave new heroes from across the globe, complete with their own inimitable abilities!
  • Brand new wonderful weapons, outrageous outfits, amazing amulet powers and more!
  • And yes, thats right, all future STRANGE BRIGADE content!

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