Star Wars: Battlefront II - infamous, rather than famous

Star Wars: Battlefront II – infamous, rather than famous

EAs infamous Star Wars game is literally in the record books, as DICE admit therell probably never be a Star Wars: Battlefront III.

When the history books are written about the current generation of consoles Star Wars: Battlefront II is going to go down as one of the most influential video games of all time, but not for any of the reasons that were originally intended.

The games greedy use of microtransactions was so bad that the fan uprising (rebellion, you might say) was so much that EA were forced (ahem) to cut them out just days before launch.

That then had a knock-on effect on other publishers, who also started removing microtransactions from their games. And while theyre certainly not gone from every game Battlefront II did help to turn many gamers against the concept, at least when they appear in full price games.

Guinness World Record scan

At least itll be remembered for something

All of which bring us to this years Guinness World Records and the most downvoted comment ever on Reddit.



The entry is not even from the special video game-only Guinness World Record book but the ordinary one, with Reddit user -amsha- noticing the addition and taking the above scan.

As you can see, the entry notes that an official post by EA, responding to players complaints about loot boxes, has 683,000 downvotes.

By comparison the second most downvoted, about the Avengers, is only on 88,906.

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The sad thing about all this is that Battlefront II is actually a pretty good game and with all the pay-to-win elements removed, and two years worth of updates, its still definitely worth playing.

Its name is mud though, amongst most gamers, and EA recently admitted that they probably wont be making a Battlefront III.

Theres not the same hunger for video game sequels in general, claimed design director Dennis Brännvall to PCGamesN recently, referring to the fact that many multiplayer games now prefer a constant stream of updates rather than new sequels every few years.

Which is certainly true for things like Rainbow Six Siege and does give EA a useful excuse not to make another one. InsteRead More – Source