Sporty people are more likely to get lucky on Tinder, according to new research
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The world of dating apps is a confusing place to be.

Should you talk about food? Swipe right to everyone? Or just go right ahead and ask all your matches if they’re DTF?

And should you slither into girls’ Instagram DMs when you don’t even match? (Hint: no, no you should not.)

It’s tough knowing whether you should be your bad self and get used to a world of rejection, or pretend to be someone else and drown in likes.

According to a new survey, we should all be openly declaring/falsely proclaiming our love for sport, because both men and women who mention sport on their profiles get more matches.

A male Tinder profile with a mention of sport got an average of 94.2 matches compared to 57 for a profile without, whereas a female Tinder profile with a penchant for sport got 98.4 matches compared to 88 for a profile with no mention of sport.

The experiment was conducted by, whose researchers created both a male and a female profile.

While the photos, name and age remained constant, they amended the bio several times to include mentions of various sports.

Researchers swiped right for 200 people on each version of the profile, and then left each profile up for two days.

All very scientific, isn’t it?

Number of female matches per sport on the male profile (out of 200)

Rugby – 120

Weightlifting – 117

Golf – 104

Swimming – 102

Boxing – 97

Football – 90

Dance – 89

Gymnastics – 77

Cricket – 76

Horse riding – 70

Guys into rugby and weightlifting came out on top, which corresponds with studies that show that women are into muscular men.

Now, notice how golf comes out third, and the research was conducted by a golf supplies website.

I’m just putting that out there, laying things down on the table, supplying evidence for your eye holes. Okay?

Right, let’s take a look at what the men seemed to be into.

Number of male matches per sport on the female profile (out of 200)

Dance – 118

Weightlifting – 112

Gymnastics – 106

Cricket – 105

Football – 101

Golf – 99

Swimming – 102

Boxing – 94

Horse riding – 92

Rugby – 74

Dance came out on top, probably because men think those women will be bendy like elastic bands, same for gymnastics which came out third. Or maybe because men are impressed by the mad skills and dedication you have to put into those disciplines.

Refreshingly, weightlifitng came second, which shows that the stigma of women who lift being seen as manly may finally be disappearing back into the hole it came from.

And while women love a rugby boy, it seems like men aren’t that into rugby girls, with the sport coming at the bottom of the list.

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However, if your favourite sport is lifting crisps to your mouth on the sofa, you should probably just say that so you’re more likely to meet a like-minded person.

Because it’s all well and good pretending to be into sport to get more matches, but what happens when those matches want to talk sport and you end up having to ghost them?

We reckon just be yourself – and make sure your spelling and grammar is 10/10.

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