You should think twice before altering someone else's wedding photo.

This is what Chinese singer Xu Fei, 34, has learnt after being criticised by netizens for posting an edited picture of herself with popular Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming last Friday (July 31).

The original picture was one that Huang and his wife, actress Angelababy, had taken at their wedding in 2015. Xu edited it such that she replaced Angelababy in the photo.

Xu and Huang had become closer recently as a result of Chinese reality show Sisters Who Make Waves, which features 30 female celebrities over the age of 30. Huang, 42, hosts the show.

Several celebrities on the programme, including Xu, helped Huang to promote his latest reality show, Chinese Restaurant, on social media last Friday.

Xu, who rose to fame after taking part in singing competition Super Girl in 2006, wrote that she had Photoshopped Huang's wedding photo to put herself in it as she did not take a photo with Huang on Sisters Who Make Waves.

Her post was swiftly condemned by netizens, as they said she should not play around with someone's wedding photo, especially as Huang and Angelebaby, 31, were dogged by rumours of divorce just last year. The couple have a three-year-old son.

Xu apologised to fans and said she had shownRead More – Source

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