Roller Champions - Ubisoft's answer to Rocket League?

Roller Champions – Ubisofts answer to Rocket League? (Picture: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has officially announced its leaked Roller Champions game, which looks like Rocket League on roller skates.

During Ubisofts E3 conference, the company unveiled the upcoming title, which is a free-to-play competitive online sports game set within a futuristic universe.

A PC pre-alpha demo of the game is also available now on Uplay, which you can play over the next few days.

Set in 2029, Roller Champions sees players compete in a team of three against three, as you attempt to take the ball, make a lap while keeping it in possession, and score.

You can try and go for more points by making more laps before attempting to score. Its the first team to score five points.

You can fully customise your character too, unlocking new gear, wheels, knee pads, helmets, and shoulder plates as you progress through matches.



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Much like many of Ubisofts titles this year, Roller Champions was leaked ahead of the conference.

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