PS5 Update: This 'leaked' Sony PlayStation 5 is a big fat fake (Pic: LetsGoDigital)

Sony's PS5 console is indeed real and it's clear the tech giant has got something cooking in the research & development kitchen for their PS4 Pro follow up.

But the details surrounding this next-gen console has been so well concealed that not even LA Confidential's Sid Hudgens could unearth Sony's deep dark secrets.

As a result of this, any shred of information, be it in the form of a leaked patent or the opinions of professional game developers is instantly jumped on.

And understandably, because everyone is excited to see how dramatically the new generation of games consoles will push things forward.

However, there's one 'leak' from this week which is so laughably fake that you're best avoiding it altogether.

You might have seen the story already, under the guise of headlines like 'New PS5 images offer a sneak peek at Sonys next-gen 8K console' or 'These are the PS5 images you've been waiting for'.

Which paints an impression that what you're about to cast your eyes on is a stonewall, 100% legit look at Sony's next console.

Perhaps some sort of ultra early 'leak', maybe even some sort of prototype like when you see pictures of Apple phones being glued together in some sort of factory overseas.

The reality, unfortunately, is anything but.

To give you some further insight, these stories are largely based off the back of a post on the technology blog, LetsGoDigital.

The site spent some time and designed these lovely looking PS5 renders (which you can see above and below) in collaboration with the Bonami SpelComputer Museum.

Why? Well because people like nice things and they're intended to give a better look at a 'leaked' PS5 prototype that was reported previously by Russian tech site Rozetked.

But the irony and main problem is that the 'leak' was confirmed as a fake long before the renders were created, or these other stories surfaced.

So, the snazzy renders you're looking at are, quite literally, based on Russian fake news.

They sure look nice, very nice in fact, but they certainly don't offer any inside insight into the direction, design or features of Sony's next PlayStation console.

And whilst things like patents or developer comments aren't offering anything concrete either, they do, at the very least, provide some insight based on official documents or the knowledge of developers working with these consoles on a day to day basis.

Chances are we'll learn more about Sony's PlayStation 5 in the next few months, because as we say, the new PS5 console is indeed a thing, somewhere, hidden in a locked R&D safe at Sony HQ.

Plus when you factor in Sony's decision to skip E3 2019, it seems like they must have something, anything, lined up to appease fans next year. And it's during this mystery event where we'll likely learn our first proper details about the new console.

But in the meantime, as we already suggested, you can expect to see plenty more leaked patents, developer comments or teasers at the potential hardware which might go inside the next-gen machine.

But if you read a headline that sounds ridiculously too good to be true, chances are, it probably is.

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