PS5 and Xbox Scarlett UPDATE: Good news for PS4, Xbox One and Crossplay in the future? (Pic: SONY/XBOX)

The interest in Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's rumoured Xbox Scarlett console doesn't look like slowing down anytime soon. And once again Gamingbolt has an exclusive interview with one such developer who's weighed in to voice their opinion on where the next-gen consoles should focus their attention.

This time, it's the turn of Cipto Adiguno, product manager at Agate Studio, who are currently hard at work on fantasy management-RPG hybrid Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story.

Speaking to Gamingbolt, Adiguno suggested that advancements in cloud technology could be the big focus:

“I think PS5 and Scarlett will be able to simulate the world more realistically than ever before,” he told the site.

“From me personally, my biggest expectation is not from graphics, but how we will play our games. With the advancement of cloud technology, perhaps soon I could play my latest AAA games anywhere. Also, I hope the SDK for PS5 and Scarlett will be available in Indonesia too.”


This isn't the first time Cloud based technology has been cited as a possible avenue for the next-gen consoles to strive towards.

Speaking to investors earleir this year, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that while it was too early to talk about the consoles actually launching, EA was especially looking forward to embracing cloud technology.

"There are a few articles out there; a few rumours; and a little hearsay as to what [the new consoles are] and when theyre coming and what they might be," he said.

“I dont think were in a position today to have a conversation about that.

"But just know that weve worked with Microsoft and Sony and Nintendo for many, many years and we look forward to working with them for many, many years more, even if we all collectively seek to move–either some portion of or all of our experiences – to the cloud."

In addition to the above, Gamingbolt also asked Adiguno if he believed cross-platform play was something that would become a core feature of next-gen consoles.

However, the dev in response went one step further.

Adiguno suggested that cross-platform play was something more akin to a basic need for the next-gen consoles, as opposed to a fancy new feature.

Explaining why, Adiguno specifically referenced how it might help third-party development teams, although he still expects console exclusive games to continue as they are.

“Cross-platform for developer will be basic needs because we need more player able to access our games. But for the consoles themselves, just like this generation, they will still need exclusive titles and specific features that differentiate them from their competitors.”

For more information about the Sony PS5 or Microsoft Xbox Scarlett console, follow the links.

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