You know how some people like to watch movies because they're 'so bad they're good' – how an entire industry of films has grown out of that niche? Films like Sharknado, Rubber and more were born from this self-imposed taste for punishment, right?

Well, the games industry sort-of has that, too: Duke Nuke 'Em, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Deadpool and some others come to mind at first – games that are troubled, but, y'know, kinda fun.

Well, if you're a true masochist – the sort of person that doesn't even play bad games for fun, but out of some sort of pathological self-loathing – have we got some good news for you.

It looks like Koei Tecmo has trademarked Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z again in the US… that can only mean one thing. One inevitable, awful thing.

We could be getting one of the most distasteful, poorly-made games of the last few generations on modern consoles.

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z was originally released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in March 2014 and panned roundly by critics. The game has even been included among the 100 worst games of all time in a list by GamesRadar in 2014.

Poor, patchy storylines, rampant misogyny, awkward controls and simply bad gameplay hamstrung the game at release… and unless Koei Tecmo has made some serious changes to the game, we have every reason to think it'll be just as bad on Xbox One and PS4 (and maybe even Switch).

It takes everything you know and love from the parent Ninja Gaiden series and seems to make a concerted effort to ruin every good thing about it, feature by feature.

Koei Tecmo tends to only file trademarks for games it plans to release, so a re-release of this travesty seems likely.

If you're curious why we think it's so incredibly pants, take a look at the trailer below and see for yourself. And if you're wondering why we're covering it… well, we thought you might need a Monday afternoon chuckle.

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