PS4 Update: Sony's PlayStation has made huge changes, but you've probably never noticed (Pic: SONY)

Earlier this month, PlayStation rolled out a new firmware update to their hugely successful console. It was the PS4 6.0 Firmware update to be precise.

But whilst many expected huge sweeping changes and features, it did, well, pretty much nothing.

Sony said it was to 'improve system performance' and nothing more.

And funnily enough, that old chestnut has become something of a running gag amonst the community.

The saying, 'Stable as F**k' comes to mind. Normally accompanied by that gif of someone full on thumping a four legged robot over that refuses to topple.

However, what if we told you that, actually, those slightly dissappointing updates, were actually pretty significant.

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One PS4 fan has actually gone out of his way to speed test the latest PS4 Firmware update (6.0) with another Playstation 4 console he owns, which is still on the 2.5 Fireware.

And the difference is actually pretty revealing. In fact, the install times for PS4 games like Knack, Killzone Shadowfall, Bloodborne and more are like night and day when run on both systems.

Ui is remarkably more smooth and unsurprisingly there's a wealth of features available on 6.0 that simply don't exist.

It's not all about simply running faster. Which it does, for the record. Like Watching The Flash and Batman in the 100 meter dash.

Take a look for yourself in the YouTube video below.

Although the above underlines the importance of these non-descript improvements to the system, there's no getting away from that fact which fans did expect more with the 6.0 update.

Normally a round number update coincides with some big changes for the console. Coupled with an existing beta test going on right now by Sony and it's slightly strange we've not seen anything 'new' as far as features are concerned.

The top comment on a PS4 sub-reddit gives a pretty good overview of the sentiment shared by most of the community:

"Either there is some huge hidden feature announcement coming, or this is the biggest troll of an update ever."

But as noted by IGN, some community members are still optimistic something is coming very soon.

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"It seems very odd that they would make a stability patch an incremental update and have a beta test for it and everything," wrote user survyguy79.

"Something tells me there is more to this update than we know yet and Sony has to switch it on over on there side."

This might actually be close to the truth, because Luke Mears, a member of Sony's online safety team has been teasing, well, something, on Twitter.Mears was responding to a question on Twitter about what they should expect from the 6.0 update and simply replied saying: "You'll see."Perhaps, Sony is hiding something and maybe just maybe, we'll find out what that is in the weeks ahead. Related articles

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