Prepare yourself: Today is Tinder's busiest day of the year
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You might think that on the first Sunday of 2018, people would be trying to keep out of trouble.

They’re still trying to make good on their New Year resolutions and they’ve just spent a week getting over NYE.

Now is not the time for sharking.

Except, apparently, on Tinder it is. Because today, 7 January, is Tinder’s busiest day of the entire year.

Yep, it might be Dry January for some but for others, they’re looking to get as much moist action as possible.

Tinder says the first Sunday of January is ‘consistently the busiest day of the year’ for the app as it kicks off what is known as ‘dating season’ – ‘the start of the most active months for making connections’.

And it’s easy to see why that might be the case.

January is a time for reevaluating life choices, so if you’re waking up alone and lonely, by the first Sunday you might have gathered the strength to start actively searching for a new boo.

Prepare yourself: Today is Tinder's busiest day of the year

To mark its busiest day, Tinder has shared some tips for those new to looking for online love.

They recommend against leaving your bio blank, as well as wearing sunglasses in your pictures because that stops people from seeing your face properly.

Instead, the app says you should smile in your photos and wear ‘something bright to stand out from the pack’.

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Oh, and sending a GIF to someone can make them 30% more likely to respond.

So there is still hope if you live to wear black, have a deep aversion to sunlight and hate smiling.

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