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A new board game based on the popular 90s TV show Power Rangers has launched on Kickstarter and it has reached its funding target within just 8 hours.

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a co-operative experience that can play between two and five players and fans of the franchise can back the game for an initial price of $75 (around £59) excluding shipping costs.

In the game players take on the role of a Power Ranger and defend earth against Rita Repulsa, an infamous villain from the series and the original movie.

It includes unique combat decks for each Ranger as they work together to fight various monsters and foot soldiers in different locations.

Backers of the game can expect it to delivered around July 2019, but as this is a Kickstarter there is no guarantee of the exact time it will be ready to be shipped out.



The standard pledge level includes five Power Ranger miniatures – Red, Blue, Pink, Black and Yellow as well as a collection of famous monsters and minions from the show.

Backers can increase their pledge to get two exclusive expansion packs that includes extra villains plus the Green Ranger and White Ranger, but it will see the cost of the game go up to $150 (around £118).

For the die-hard fans there is also an all-in pledge costing $240(£189) that includes a Shattered Grid expansion and a Megazord miniature.

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Renegade Game Studios is the team producing the game having produced over 60 games including the deck-building game Clank, Ex Libris and The Fox in the Forest.

It has been designed by Jonathon Ying who has worked on other popular boards in recent years including Doom: The Board Game, Star Wars Imperial Assault and Bargain Quest which is currently running its own Kickstarter.

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