It is the golden age of podcasts. For an outlay of zero dollars a month, users on laptops, iPhones and Android phones can access a wealth of quality audio entertainment and information.

Big names, among them talk show hosts Conan O'Brien and Graham Norton, restaurateur David Chang and husband-and-wife comedians Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, have their own podcasts, but this list will stick to lesser-known producers who deserve a wider audience.

The podcasts listed here can be found in the Apple and Android apps, as well as through streaming services such as Spotify and podcatchers such as iTunes.


Comedy Of The Week from BBC Radio 4

The BBC has roughly a bajillion podcasts on tap, but this revolving buffet of delights is a personal favourite. Rising British comedians (Salma Shah, Tim Key and Ellie Taylor), whose names will likely not ring a bell with Singaporeans, are given a space to showcase stand-up and sketches. Not all of it works, but it is clear that hard work has been put in to select guests for their ability to tell jokes in an audio-only format.

Judge John Hodgeman

Actor and writer John Hodgeman has amassed a fervent following for this podcast and a related column in The New York Times. Taking on a personality that is only a slightly exaggerated version of his charmingly pedantic self, he invites combatants to his show to air trivial grievances, such as whether disposable sandwich bags can be washed and reused or whether one can wear bedroom slippers in bed. Hodgeman and co-host Jesse Thorn take the mickey out of the litigants and they love it.

Why Won't You Date Me? with Nicole Byer

Nicole Byer is the host of the Netflix baking competition Nailed It!, on which she reveals only a fraction of her madcap energy. On her podcast, she and a guest, usually a comedian, focus on the topic of the title, taking into account her Tinder profile, extroverted personality and larger body shape. The sessions are funny, often painfully naked and braver than anything edgy male podcasters could ever create.

  • Love listening to podcasts on the go? Find these podcast series by The Straits Times and Business Times at or on Spotify, and Apple and Google podcast apps.

    Money Hacks

    Hosted by Chris Lim and Ernest Luis, The Business Times breaks down financial tips with experts.

    Health Check

    Hosted by Joyce Teo and Ernest Luis, The Straits Times (ST) guides you to healthier living and gets experts to clear up coronavirus medical issues.

    Green Pulse

    Hosted by Audrey Tan and David Fogarty, ST analyses the beat of the changing environment – from biodiversity conservation to climate change.

    Bookmark This!

    Hosts Olivia Ho and Toh Wen Li talk about books in the headlines and sizzling reads for ST.


    Hosted by Jan Lee and Yeo Sam Jo, ST dissects pop culture, be it Asian entertainment or Hollywood.


    Join Money FM 89.3's Bernard Lim and the ST sports desk as they discuss the big sports issues.

Fresh Air

Terry Gross, the public radio broadcaster who has helmed this interview show since the 1970s, is an institution. Sometimes, guests, among them actors, politicians and authors, become awestruck in her presence. She is at once commanding, warm and well-researched, and does not do puff pieces. Guests, including conservative television host Bill O'Reilly, have stormed off mid-interview.

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