The MD of Patek Philippe will be keeping one eye on the time next month when his tennis club takes part in a 24-hour non-stop charity match.

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The Reigate Lawn Tennis Club will host the spectacle on 18 May with the aim of raising £50,000 for a local Parkinsons support group.

Patek Phillippe MD Mark Hearn, who organised the event, said: “I decided to fundraise to help my local Parkinsons support group because it is a group of people who have all contracted Parkinsons and are managing it with the help of this local team.

“I personally was diagnosed three years ago, which is quite early, at 56. It has never been my style to choose the easy option, therefore I wanted to create something to really engage people and make a difference in our community.”

Two teams of 12 club players will take turns to serve up between 70 and 80 sets of tennis between them.

Raffle prizes at the event worth up to £1,000 each will include a diamond pendant from Michael Spiers, a watch from Elliott Brown, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, and a £250 voucher from Ashworth & Bird.

The fundraiser was initially only meant to raise up to £5,000 but has grown in popularity.

“I hope to be able to compete in as much tennis as possible,” Hearn said. “The money raised will help ensure the long-term security of the group, allowing it to fund outings, special meetings, guest speakers and a variety of activities.”

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