• The hardware you get with the $129.99 Stadia "Founder's Edition." Google
  • Close-up of the exclusive Founder's Edition Controller. Google
  • Shoulder buttons! Google
  • Extra Stadia Controllers will be available for $69 in three colors, including "Just Black"… Google
  • …"Clearly White"… Google
  • …and "Wasabi." Google
  • A Chromecast Ultra is the easiest way to stream Stadia games to your TV. Google

Today, Google announced 12 games that will be available for individual purchase and streaming when Founders Edition pre-orderers get their hands on Google Stadia starting November 19. The games are:

Fourteen additional titles are promised to launch on Stadia before the end of 2019:

A number of legacy titles that were previously promised as part of the Stadia "launch window" are currently not included in Google's list of 2019 Stadia releases. Those include:


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