CINEMA SHOWDOWN: Tay Ping Hui (above) kept his peace for an hour before he got fed up and sternly reminded a woman to shut up.

The actor, 48, who was watching Chinese animated movie Ne Zha in a cinema a couple of days ago, posted: "Behind me sat a lady in her 60s and a teen who was probably her son.

"The moment the movie began, she incessantly made untimely comments and talked as though she was in her living room, totally oblivious to the other paying moviegoers around her."

Tay, who is based in China, but is in Singapore to film a drama called Mind's Eye, added that he "turned around and gave her a single 'shh' to remind her that there were other people trying to watch the movie".

After the film ended, the woman confronted him and said: "Just because you're an actor, you think you can be arrogant and rude?"

Tay told her that "I really don't think this has anything to do with me being an actor. I was telling you as a person".

Not satisfied with his response, she further berated him, saying: "Other people were talking, then why didn't you tell them to shut up? Why didn't you tell the child in front of


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