Most of us now require mobile data for the most basic of everyday tasks.

So when millions of O2 users were left without mobile internet today, they were cast adrift.

Luckily, some of those affected were able to access WiFi and have been able to share their experiences from the other side with the rest of us.

We've learned that commuters found themselves paralysed by fear at the prospect of talking to someone else…

Or struggled with the "disconcerting" novelty of eye contact…

Anyone know how long this #O2Down business is going on for @O2? Im currently having to talk to people and look them in the face… its very disconcerting ?

— Dan Walker (@mrdanwalker) December 6, 2018

People were forced to print off maps or ask others for directions…

And even those who weren't on the network were forced to grapple with social crisis…

Fun game for today, which of your friends are on o2 and which are just ignoring you #o2down

— Rachel Charlton-Dailey (@RachelCDailey) December 6, 2018

Customers of one particular network became very conspicuous on buses and trains…

And when their Twitter observations did hit the big time, they remained blissfully unaware of their internet fame…

Some O2 customers embraced the unexpected liberation from constant connectivity…

Todays plan
1. Switch phone off.
2. Spend all day on sofa watching Netflix.
3. Tomorrow tell everyone who tried to call that you are on o2.

— Matthew Webb (@mattwebb1973) December 6, 2018

Jeez people, things go wrong, especially tech. I'm sure O2 want the network back as much as the rest of us. Use WiFi, visit friends, have sex with someone, knit a scarf.. And if mobile data was so essential to your business, maybe have a backup?

— Gavin Sims ? ??????? (@simsyg) 6 December 2018

(Some more than others)

Wrote a tweet about how Im on O2 and how its nice to get away from it all actually. Subsequently furious when I couldnt tweet it.

— Tom Rosenthal (@rosentweets) December 6, 2018

Others regarded it as an opportunity to learn a lost communications skill…

For a zoo in Yorkshire, the outage was one of many indications of ongoing apocalypse…

Nothing makes sense any more:

?Political debates rage across the globe
?#O2down means we haven't spoken to our friends or family in 14 years.
? Our Polar Bears are fishing old branches out of their pools and using them to construct rudimentary shelters.

— Yorkshire Wildlife Park ? (@YorkshireWP) 6 December 2018

And one Scottish police force noted some very suspicious activity as people's phones were rendered useless…

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O2 network down !!

Instances of people smiling, chatting & laughing with one another are on the rise.

Other suspicious activity including reading books and doodling were noted.

Only joking ? But be cautious of free WIFI…. if its not secure your details could be stolen.

— MonklandsPolice (@MonklandsPol) 6 December 2018

However, a few users also issued the important reminder that front line call centre staff might need a bit of support today…

feel so bad for my boyfriend working for O2 right now, can people please be mindful of the call centre employees, it's not their fault and they don't deserve to be screamed at #o2down ?

— toni ❄ (@tonijoanne_) December 6, 2018

O2 has said it is working on fixing the outage, but it won't be sorted until Friday.

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