Nintendo Switch voice chat issue solved: New controller tackles annoying Switch flaw (Pic: Nintendo)

The Nintendo Switch is a great little console – being able to swap from handheld to home console on a whim has proved immensely popular with players around the world – but there are also issues with the machine too.

It's online infrastructure and the hardware the support it has never set the world alight, and people have often complained that the machine doesn't lend itself to decent online gameplay thanks to how tricky it is to attach voice-enabled devices to the machine.

Plugging in a complicated array of wires to be able to make voice chat and headsets work is never particularly elegant – but a new piece of hardware puts pay to that.

The Faceoff Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller is a new device from manufacturer PDP. The pad uses a solution originally formed by the folks at Vivox in order to make listening, playing and chatting a much easier task.


This new pad basically allows you to just pop a 3.5mm headset into the pad and then talk and play with your mates in a cinch.

The controller also has built-in volume controls for audio management, meaning you can tweak game and chat levels independently.

Pro players will also enjoy the programmable paddles on the pad – this basically means you can customise the controller to better suit the way you play.

Taking inspiration from all other Faceoff controllers, players can also swap between different faceplates, with the first two controller designs coming in Red Camo and Purple Camo (with more on the way soon).

The only really major downside is the fact the pad comes wires – with a 10 feet USB cable.

The Faceoff Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller will be available at launch in Red Camo and Purple Camo for $24.99.

An announcement from the company reads:

"With the recent announcement of commRead More – Source

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