Nintendo Switch 2: Huge release News, Nintendo Switch Mini coming in 2019, say experts (Pic: NINTENDO)

In celebration of the new year, renowned industry specialist site has gotten some of the most notable gaming analysts together to talk about what their predictions for 2019 are… and three out of four of them have a very interesting idea about Nintendo.

We've previously reported on the likelihood that the Nintendo Switch will get some sort of revision in 2019, but the fact that these three respected analysts are now putting their names behind the idea too is interesting.

Previously, reports from the Wall Street Journal suggested a new version of Nintendo Switch may arrive as soon as summer 2019, now the analysts are agreeing.

Whilst past rumours suggested that the machine will have screen and display improvements, none of the analysts seem to offer more insight into what we can expect from the machine – other than a cheaper entry point.

Dr. Serkan Toto, an analyst at Kantan Games, suggests that we'll see a Switch Pro and Switch Lite this year.

"While the 2019 Switch Pro has been already reported to be in development by the Wall Street Journal, I also think Nintendo will offer a "Switch Lite" (or just keep the current version at a lower price) to cover the lower end of the spectrum and offset sinking 3DS sales.


Michael Pachter – Wedbush Securities analyst – believes Nintendo will launch a fully handheld version of the Switch at roughly $199.

"I expect the device to have the same screen, but with Joy Cons built into the body and no docking station.

"Since it can't "Switch" from handheld to console, it's hard to guess what they will call it, but let's assume Game Boy (kidding)."

Mat Piscatella, a well-known analyst over at The NPD Group, notes:

"We may get more details on how Nintendo aims to plug the gap in its portfolio left by the declining 3DS platform.

"One option is to do nothing and stick with the current Switch strategy. That simplifies the platform strategy but may not be the most commercially efficient."

So whilst Piscatella doesn't outright throw his chips behind a new Switch, he certainly seems to suggest it'll be a good idea for Nintendo to iterate on the current hardware.

Previously, sources cited by the Wall Street Journal note that Nintendo wants to update the Switch hardware so that it 'doesn't lose competitiveness'.

"One option [for future hardware] is improving the display," one source told the site. "The current Switch uses a lower-end liquid-crystal display without some technologies that are standard in more recent smartphone LCDs.

"Updating the display with these technologies would make it brighter, thinner and more energy-efficient. The updated Switch isnt expected to adopt the organic light-emitting diode or OLED panels used in [Apple's iPhone X handsets]"

But when can we expect to see the new hardware? Well, WSJ reports that Nintendo could be looking to launch the new console in the latter half of 2019 – though this is still very much early days according to the insider info.

We hope to hear more about Nintendo's plans soon – maybe even at the rumoured January Nintendo Direct?

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