The head of the U.K.s spy agency will challenge Russia on its “malign behavior” and its stance of “perpetual confrontation,” in a speech to be delivered Monday.

MI6 chief Alex Younger, also known by the codename “C,” will tell “Russia or any other state intent on subverting our way of life not to underestimate our determination and our capabilities,” according to excerpts of the speech seen by POLITICO.

Younger will also tell students at St Andrews University, where he will deliver the speech, that MI6 will continue to work with partner agencies in Europe to strengthen “indispensable security ties” after Brexit.

“C” will also stress the need for “fourth generation espionage” that utilizes tech innovations such as artificial intelligence to respond to emerging hybrid threats, telling students that Britains adversaries are taking advantage of the blurred lines between the cyber and physical worlds, but that the U.K. is well-equipped to counter these threats.

The rare address, Youngers second public speech in the four years since he was appointed, is a pitch to recruit a new generation of spies.

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