May is military appreciation month, and we all know thats a great reason to rejoice.

Lets all just be honest with ourselves and everybody else on this planet. The United States of America has the most badass military the world has ever seen.

Our men and women in uniform show up everywhere locked, cocked and ready to rock anybody dumb enough to get in our way. The Soviets sure thought Communism was cool. You know whats way cooler than any of that garbage? An American made Tomahawk cruise missile. Im pretty sure the sound of a cruise missile being launched is the same sound as the Star-Spangled Banner.

Or, how about our badass bombers? You ever heard of a MOAB? We introduced some terrorists to one back in the day, and it was not a wonderful experience for them.

The Nazis and the Axis powers also learned the hard way that we dont show up to play games. We sent millions of men overseas during WWII to free the world from the evil oppression of the Nazis and Japanese. This also led to some incredible movies and series being made, such as “Band of Brothers.”

I feel bad for all the idiots and losers who hate America enough to not love our big and beautiful military.

Anybody is welcome to try us, but I have no doubt our guys will make quick work of them. Just remember, there are evil men all over the world and our guys carrying guns to keep them out of this country.

God bless the United States of America, and our military.

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