• Death Stranding main character Sam plugs into a "bridge baby."
  • Strange dust creatures appear when it rains…
  • …and Sam can scan the world to get a better look at what he's sneaking around.
  • Should your sneaking go awry, the creatures may materialize and pull you underground.
  • Shoot through battle.
  • Sneak through battle.
  • While traversing a massive open world, you'll get access to a suite of tools, like…
  • …a ladder. (No idea how neatly this will work in an actual video game where we're expecting to clamber around a bunch of varying geometry.)
  • What goes up…
  • …must come down.
  • At one point, Sam senses a scanning mechanism, which lets him see the last position his bridge baby was sensed. And, of course, he gets the heck away.
  • Then Sam hides in grass while seeing soldiers descend upon his previously tracked position.
  • After weirdly running away from these soldiers for a bit, Sam turns around and starts kicking, punching, and using heavy items to take them down.
  • Then he speeds away on a three-wheeled machine.

Video game auteur Hideo Kojima's first game since leaving Konami, Death Stranding, finally has a release date: November 8 for PlayStation 4 consoles. The news came at the end of the game's most revealing "gameplay" trailer yet, though as you might expect from the enigmatic Kojima, Wednesday's trailer raised more questions than it answered.

Yes, we've seen long and utterly confusing trailers for this game before, but this one comes with a semblance of a plot anchor. From what we can tell, the game revolves around a United States that has been torn asunder by some kind of plague or extinction event. The hero, Sam, played by actor Norman Reedus, is asked by the president "to help us reconnect, to make America whole." To which the character Sam replies, "You're the President of jack shit."

Yet clearly Sam is compelled to do something. This trailer shows him generating ladders and ropes to scale rocky cliffsides, getting into melee fisticuffs, hopping on a stylish, three-wheeled military vehicle, stealth-crawling through tall grass and alongside giant tanks, shooting guns, and scanning environments to discover, and stealth-sneak around, spooky creatures made of dust.

We also see Sam remark about a force known as "BTs," which seems to be triggered by rain—and while some faceless soldiers hate the stuff, other creepy characters (like a guy who warps around with magical powers and then licks a woman's face because, uh, Kojima) seem to invite those rains. In Sam's case, that glowing tube-baby we've seen in other trailers seems to be the key to surviving BTs and recognizing spectral forces that float through the stuff, and when the rain comes, Sam plugs the "bridge baby" chassis to his suit to "plug into the other side."

  • And now, a gallery of trailer images that look evocative and/or currently make no sense.
  • Mads Mikkelson mostly looks disturbing in this trailer…
  • …except for this moment at the trailer's end, in which his character speaks calmly and seems to be playing a mild-mannered doctor in another era.
  • Why is this guy warping around and licking people's faces? Does he love late '80s wrestling, maybe?
  • Computer, enhance.
  • In some cases, real-time rendered faces look incredible.
  • In others, like this derpy split-second moment of the bridge baby interacting with Sam, they don't look so great.
  • Are open handcuffs a fashionable accessory in this game's timeline?
  • Sam has a tough moment with one woman. Kojima Productions
  • Sam has a tough moment with another woman.
  • Sam is tired of all of these tough moments.
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