Singer Jolin Tsai has lashed out at a Taiwanese media outlet for focusing on her cleavage in a news report.

Revealing photos of the Taiwanese singer, who is famous for songs such as Dancing Diva (2006), were taken when she was having a four-day birthday bash with her family and friends in Pattaya, Thailand. She had turned 39 on Sept 15.

Mirror Media last week ran the photos under a headline that called attention to her breasts. It also commented on her sitting position, saying that it could lead to accidental exposure.

In a Facebook post on Thursday (Sept 19), Tsai asked: "When a series of articles mentions the G-cup breasts in the headline, what type of sexuality education is received by readers?" She added the hashtag #bodyawareness in her post.

Her post received more than 2,460 comments, with several netizens criticising Mirror Media for disrespecting a woman's


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