He was not in his workplace so perhaps the club host felt that he did not have to put with comments he did not like.

So when 23-year-old Hiro Kawakami, who is a host in one of Tokyo's clubs that pamper big-spending women customers, was told that he could not sing, he was deeply offended.

He and another club host were in another establishment – a karaoke joint – on Oct 17 with two women whom they had met at their place of work.

It is not known why the woman criticised his singing.

Maybe she did not like the song that Kawakami chose.

Perhaps he refused to share a duet with her.

Maybe she forgot she was not in the host club, where, because she was paying the tab, she could get her way with many requests or behavioural quirks.

After they got into a dispute, the other woman tried to intervene, but it did not help.

Kawakami head-butted his critic, causing an injury to the bone at the back of her eye.

According to portal soranews24, the police were called in and he was arrested.

"The woman was making fun of me," he told the cops, adding that he was totally put off by her abusive behaviour.

Host clubs are common in Tokyo, with the business model hinged on creating an illusion that the customer is the queen of the night.

But the customers are also known to splurge on the top hosts, typically those men who, besides being good-lRead More – Source


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