HONG KONG • Maybe Kenneth Ma can help clear the air.

Talk that his former girlfriend, Jacqueline Wong, is pregnant is once again making the rounds in Chinese social media channels, according to China Post.

In March, the TVB actress was rumoured to be in the family way when she threw up while shooting the drama The Maid Alliance. Then, she clarified that she had caught a cold and that Ma had taken her to see a doctor.

Ma, who is slated to be in Singapore for the StarHub Night Of Stars event on Nov 24, broke up with her when she was caught kissing singer Andy Hui in a taxi in April. Hui is married to singer Sammi Cheng.

If Wong is indeed pregnant, netizens are also asking who the father is.

The current speculation is tied to the continued silence from the 30-year-old who escaped to Los Angeles to avoid the backlash from the scandal.

While Wong is said to be taking directing and acting classes there, some speculate that she is actually preparing for childbirth there.

Some observers also think that it is strange that even when her employer gave her a second chance by broadcasting her shows that were canned initially, Wong has not taken the opportunity to return to Hong Kong or issue a statement about the turnaround in fortunes.

TVB recently started airing Finding Her Voice in Hong Kong.

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