• The new A13 SoC. iFixit
  • The teardown view of the new three-camera array. iFixit
  • The new, large battery. iFixit
  • The full teardown. iFixit

As has become an annual custom, iFixit tore down the latest iPhone—in this case the iPhone 11 Pro Max—to see what has changed inside Apple's flagship device. The site found that the phone has 4GB of RAM, a 3969 mAh battery that adopts the L-shaped design for the first time in a Max phone, and an improved thermal management system.

Also intriguing: "We have a secondary battery connector for the first time ever in an iPhone, plugging in directly adjacent to the wireless charging coil. We're not sure what Apple was up to here."

This additional connector, iFixit postulates, could be evidence of the bilateral charging feature that was rumored before the phone's release. Pre-launch reports claimed that the new iPhone would be able to charge AirPods wirelessly, much like Samsung's recent Galaxy phones. However, iFixit notes that Apple published Read More – Source


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