Scented candles have become huge business in the UK. According to research company Kantar, the UK market for scented candles will grow by 5% a year until March 2022. In recent years, the UK has shown a particular interest in own-brand candles. John Lewis has reported an increase in sales by 12% and 5% annually since 2020.

Increase in affordability

The popularity of scented candles has risen dramatically in Britain in recent years. There are many reasons for this, including an increase in the number of consumers and the availability of cheaper raw materials. In addition to this, candle makers are enjoying better access to market for their handmade candles. The internet has made this possible and it’s becoming easier to sell candles online. If you have a passion for making handmade crafts and enjoy promoting them online, you may wish to consider starting your own candle business. There are several specialist online marketplaces that are eager to accept your handmade candle products.

Firstly, the popularity of scented candles has spurred a greater interest in home fragrance. According to data from Pinterest, searches for incense burners have increased by 80% over the last month. Moreover, the trend of creating multi-sensory experiences in the home is growing rapidly. In fact, hotels are even paying scent consultants to help their guests enjoy these experiences.

Another reason for the popularity of candles is the growing awareness of environmental issues. A large number of consumers have become concerned about their carbon footprint and are increasingly looking for products made with sustainable materials. Many candles today are produced with petroleum products such as paraffin, which is derived from petroleum products. This will have a negative effect on the industry as the price of petroleum rises. Alternatively, palm wax is another sustainable option. However, palm oil is not necessarily sustainable and is still under scrutiny for its environmental and social benefits.

Impact on the way we eat

Candles are a common part of our home decor, and they’re even used in restaurants to sell merchandise. Shake Shack, a Manhattan-based burger joint, recently collaborated with fragrance brand Apotheke to create a limited-edition candle that evokes the taste and feel of eating fries dipped in a milkshake. The fragrance was chosen to remind consumers of their memorable experience dining at the Madison Square Park location. In addition to being a sensory memory trigger, a candle can also serve as a cultural signifier.

The smell of scented candles can be a comforting scent, but it also can affect our health. Studies show that certain phthalates are linked to asthma and allergies. Additionally, other toxic chemicals in candles may pose health risks, including Trichlorofluoroethane and Carbon Disulfide. Candles can be made without these harmful substances, but you should also look for a brand that’s made of sustainable materials.

Candles emit particulate matter and volatile organic compounds, which can be harmful to the environment. The longer a candle burns, the more harmful it may be. Soy candles, for example, don’t produce as much pollution as natural gas and burning wood. And there’s some debate about whether they’re safe for our health or not.

Scent can also affect our moods. It has been shown to boost a person’s mental clarity. Soy candles burn more cleanly and efficiently than paraffin candles, and they use fewer resources in the long term. The main advantage of soy candles is that they’re made from plant materials, which is renewable and green. And because soy isn’t produced by petroleum, it doesn’t contain toxins.