• The Pixelbook Go. Does this look like any other laptop you can think of?
  • Get a load of the bottom, which has this crazy ribbed pad on it. 9to5Google
  • This is just a prototype, so there are placeholder logos. 9to5Google
  • The main deck and its very Macbooky layout. 9to5Google

Google's October 15 hardware event is fast approaching, and in addition to the launch of the Pixel 4, Google Home Mini 2, Google WI-Fi 2, and a new pair of Pixel Buds, the show should see a new Pixelbook arrive. We've known the new Pixelbook would be called the "Pixelbook Go," but other than a few details from Chrome OS commits the device has mostly been a mystery. Google takes its title as "least secretive device manufacturer" very seriously, though, and recently 9to5Google managed to just get a Pixelbook Go ahead of the event. They took a bunch of pictures and video.

Unlike the fairly unique design of the original Pixelbook and the Pixel Slate, the Pixelbook Go mostly just looks like a MacBook. 9to5Google got that vibe from the device in person, too, writing: "We cant fathom that this laptop wont immediately be labeled 'Googles MacBook.'" The one unique design aspect is the bottom, which is a brightly colored, ribbed pad that covers the entire bottom of the device. This device is a near-final prototype, with placeholder logos and product names.

The report doesn't nail down the material used to build the laptop (aluminum?), but it does say the laptop has "what appears to be a painted on coating similar to that of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL." The Pixel 2 was a metal phone with a thick coating of paint on top, but this time the finish seems to be smoother and softer.

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