Google’s new wearable will be available to buy later this month. The company is launching it at its Made by Google hardware event on October 8 and says it will support Active Zone Minutes, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking. The new device will run on an “improved” version of Wear OS 3.

It looks like Google’s first wearable device may be on its way. The round glass touch screen display is set within thick bezels, and the watch has a crown on the side. While we haven’t seen any official pictures, we’ve seen plenty of speculation about the device’s design. Google has not confirmed the colours of the watch, but a leak from a US carrier’s back end inventory system suggests that there are at least a few colours that are likely to be available.

As a smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch will offer a number of health-related features, including heart rate monitoring, Active Zone Minutes, and sleep tracking. This smartwatch will also be compatible with Nest smart home devices. The Google Pixel Watch will also come with Google Assistant and support for apps from the Play Store. The device will have a 300mAh battery and come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It will also come with a USB-C charging cable. And just like the Pixel 7, the new smartwatch will be made with recycled stainless steel. It’s expected to offer health tracking tools similar to Fitbit’s.

The Google Pixel Watch runs on Wear OS 3.0 and features a redesigned UI. The smartwatch also includes traditional Google apps like Assistant, Wallet, and Maps, as well as a Fitbit integration. It also has Emergency SOS, which can notify friends or emergency services in case of an emergency. Moreover, it will sync with Fitbit devices to give users health-related insights.

If you want to buy a smartwatch that offers cellular connectivity, the Google Pixel Watch might be right for you. It will likely cost $349, which is lower than the price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, which starts at $359.

Google’s latest smartwatch is coming this fall. It’s codenamed the Pixel Watch and will work with Android phones. While the actual specs of the smartwatch are not known, a source says the device will have a voice typing feature. While voice dictation is better on the Pixel 6 and works flawlessly, the addition of voice typing would make the smartwatch better at responding to emails and texts. It could be a major selling point for consumers. Pixel Watch features a circular face, a “tactile” side button, and a recyclable stainless steel body. It will also have customizable bands, a new Wear OS interface, and smart notifications. The new model will also offer Apple Pay-like tap-to-pay functionality and can be paired with a smartphone running Android 8.0 or later.