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Resident Evil 2 - look out behind you Claire!

Resident Evil 2 – have you got time to play it?

The evening Inbox is shocked to find just how cheap Battlefield V has become, as one reader enjoys the wit and wisdom of Night In The Woods.

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Clean slate

Great to see GC and the Inbox back after the new year break, although I did enjoy all the features over the holidays (was particularly glad to see you not go overboard with praise for Red Dead Redemption II, which I think many people are now beginning to view with more critical eyes). The reason I write in today though is a fairly obvious one though: new year resolutions. And when it comes to video games I think theres one topic that most would immediately leap to, and thats managing your backlog.

Im actually glad that 2018 was a fairly so-so year, particularly towards the end, because it means Ive been able to polish everything off over Christmas and am now sitting pretty with zero backlog. Now admittedly this led to me writing off a lot of games Ill never get round to, some dating back to the Xbox 360 era, but Im okay with that and am now managing to look forward to 2019 line-up without a constant sense of guilt.

The question is how long can I keep this up? To a degree that depends on how good the games are and how long they are, but I reckon I can beat Resident Evil 7 and Kingdom Hearts III fairly easily and that both are one and done games that I can sell on afterwards. The danger will be when I get addicted to my first new multiplayer game of the year, although Im getting the feeling so far that maybe The Division 2 will be a disappointment and that that will work to my advantage…

Christmas in the woods

I downloaded and then promptly beat Night In The Woods over the holidays. I dont know why I waited so long to get it. Probably the price tag married to a short running time.

What a fool I was. It is well worth the asking price and more. I enjoyed every single moment, and if it did sag in the middle, I didnt even notice. Couldnt award it more than an 8 out of 10, of course – the gameplay is far too simplistic.

But in terms of heart and charm, it Mae (see what I did there?) have the ability to bowl anybody over. I was most impressed with how they wrote the relationship between Mae and her mother. Eeeeeeels, honey. Its so warm and funny that when you see their big row its emotionally devastating. Or when she pours her heart out to her dad and then asks if she can stay with him and watch the telly for a bit longer, he says Take as long as you like, kitten. The feels!

The music is amazing, too. Ill be honest, I havent fallen head over heels in love with a game this much since Persona 5 and am now somewhat obsessed with it. Must stop myself from buying all the merch…

Social gaming

Like Dominic I too support GCs inclusion of board games. Last year some of my colleagues set up a few board games evenings and it was a lot of fun.

A game called Power Grid proved to be our favourite, as its structure keeps all players engaged to the end by making it easier for players who are behind on the scoring track. The objective of the game is to provide power to the largest number of homes at the end.

We also had a lot of games of Scythe too, which has a structure that makes it very hard to determine who is actually winning. For this game the objective is simply to have the most money at the end. The game involves a combination of factors including resource collection, territorial control, and popularity. War is an option but unlike in the majority of games it tends to leave both combatants in a worse position than they started.

Avalon and Exploding Kittens have also proved popular for larger groups.



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Sickening revelation

Over the festive period I managed to try Mario Kart VR (Hollywood Bowl, Leeds) and what a fantastic experience it is while it lasts. Ive now got the urge to get a PlayStation VR but unfortunately playing Mario Kart made me feel sick almost straight away.

Before purchasing I wonder if anyone else has the same issues and if so does it improve the more you use it or any ideas to prevent it?
Scunny75 (NN ID)

GC: Its a very difficult thing to advise on because everyone is different. The more you play the more you get used to it, but theres no guarantee that some games wont still make you feel nauseous. If you could try yourself on a more sedate title, as well as just a racer, that would give a better indication of how susceptible you are to motion sickness.

For the sake of it

So Rocket League has been out now for over three years and I feel that it is now time that both Psyonix and Panic Button Games should begin early stages of the development process for Rocket League 2, especially as we are getting much closer to next generation with the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 not too far off.

I would love to see this be announced as a launch title for both of these systems as it would allow the sequel to surpass its predecessor and give adequate development time in order to have this ready for next generation. Considering Rocket League has sold 45 million copies its sequel certainly would do well, especially on a next generation system as a launch title and allowing developers to include an even greater experience with Rocket League.

Im sure the composer for Rocket League, Mike Ault would love to compose for a sequel and would be willing to work with both Psyonix and Panic Button Games to ensure this great type of game can continue to be available in next generation gaming systems.

If this was announced and under development, this would really be amazing news to fans.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

GC: It would be more interesting if you explained why you wanted a sequel. You havent suggested any changes or new features, just that you want it to exist because the original is a few years old now.

Back from the past

I thought you might appreciate this piece of festive nostalgia. My dad was clearing out his loft and found a Back to the Future souvenir magazine that I had bought when I was a kid (circa 1985). While this in itself was quite a treasure, inside the magazine was a Tynesoft brochure selling Commodore games!

I believe I did get a VIC 20 for one of my Christmas present, although not sure it was the same year. The tear-out order form is still intact so looks like I didnt order anything, but probably kept it in case I got an upgrade (a whopping 16 RAM!)

Thank you for all your hard work down the years. Long-time reader. Heres to a great 2019 of gaming (and life). New year resolution: to try to send more Inbox letters.
bbigmac25 (gamertag/PSN ID)

Dark Christmas

I wanted to say thanks to GameCentral and fellow readers for their features over the holiday season. I have missed the Inbox, but the features have been enjoyable.

Over the holidays Santa brought me Dark Souls Remastered on Switch. My first experience with the game and I love it!

I also bought Into The Breach in the sale and wow, what a brilliant little gem. A must for strategy fans.

Happy new year to all, lets hope 2019 is as good as its shaping up to be!



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Unsuspected help

It seems these days games as a service and online multiplayer get a bad rap, but let me tell you all about how my life got flip turned upside down. I started off gaming in the 70s when Space Invaders kicked off, then went through the decades constantly amazed by what I was seeing. I missed the PS1 generation due to unforeseen circumstances, or drink and drugs as we said back then. But having suffered (enjoyed) long term mental illness and addiction problems, and hardly ever leaving the house, the rise of Xbox online was a revelation for me.

I could actually speak to people from all over the world, play games with them, talk about our lives; it was shocking how involved we got. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six: Vegas, GTA IV… then the big boy dropped: Battlefield 3. We had a GameCentral clan that was so busy people couldnt get in the clan matches we had on Friday night, some of you may have had similar experiences.

I had so many great experiences with those guys, but sadly it sort of fizzled our when some stayed on Xbox and some, like me, jumped on the PlayStation 4. Which leads me to my current Destiny 2 gaming at 813 hours and a new clan of great people who help me, unknowingly, deal with my problems.

As much as Im enjoying Red Dead Redemption II its the online that draws me back with its social element. It really does make a difference speaking to people, as not everyone is toxic. Ill leave you with some wise words from Gogol: The longer and more carefully we look at a funny story, the sadder it becomes. Peace out.

Inbox also-rans

As I type this Battlefield V Deluxe Edition is only £19.99 at CD Keys for Xbox One. I paid £30 around three weeks ago thinking that it wouldnt get much cheaper.
Chaosphere616 (gamertag)

Happy New Year to GameCentral and its readers. Hope you all had a good Christmas. What Remains Of Edith Finch is free on Epic Store on PC from 10th January 2019. Its very good as I completed it on the PlayStation 4 last year.
Andrew J.
Currently playing: Red Dead Redemption II and Astro Bot

This weeks Hot Topic

As the first Hot Topic of the year the subject for this weekends Inbox is obvious: what new games are you most looking forward to in 2019?

You can find a list of all the most prominent titles here, but feel free to suggest anything else that is confirmed for this year – but please dont use games that are either unannounced or have only vague release dates (so no Half-Life 3 or Bayonetta 3).

Why are you looking forward to the games so much and how well do you expect them to do in terms of sales and reviews? What do you think of this years line-up in general, in comparison to 2018 and other recent years?

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