As reported on IGN, Im of two minds over the pushback on the collaboration between Ubisoft and HitRecord but for now Id probably have to agree with the approach of the studio here. Not on some moralistic value; objectively when you are creating a counter-culture themed title such as this, or even the original Watch Dogs, the creation of the anarchistic media prevalent throughout the game was clearly a fundamental aspect.

From the graffiti and art to the music and dialogue, for a fictionalised open world this required a substantial investment to bring it to life. It succeeded in my opinion, however certainly there was a more sanitised feel to what was on screen, in contrast to the images we see around us in the real world.

From what I understand here, irrespective of contracts and financial incentive, which in itself speaks somewhat against the counterculture and rebellious nature of what has been asked, it just seems from an objective standpoint a great concept to challenge and engage your user base to assist in creating this additional media.

Certainly it adds a more organic and personalised feel to the game and would encourage users to explore the open world to find their markRead More – Source


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