My primary consoles over the past 16 years have been a PlayStation 2, 3, and 4, and I also have a PlayStation Vita for use on holidays.

Yet I still cant get on with Sonys naming convention for its controller buttons.

A configuration of A-B-C, etc., makes perfect sense to my brain, but a random assortment of geometric shapes is simply unintuitive when trying to remember their layout at a split seconds notice.

Whether its QTEs or rhythm action minigames, Im forced to almost chant the arrangement of shapes to myself as if learning the days of the week in French so that Ive half a chance when that bloody circle or square or hexagon pops up on the screen.

I get that its cool branding for PlayStation and that each symbol has a secret abstract meaning that actually makes sense, actually… but it makes no more sense to me now playing Red Dead Redemption II than it did playing GTA: Vice City for the first time (and I dont blame Rockstar).

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