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There's more than one Rockstar

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The evening Inbox starts looking forward to The Game Awards announcements, as one reader defends Battlefield V as the best one yet.

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Team up

I hate to shill for a company thats probably already got more money than god but Red Dead Online really is pretty amazing. Even if youve got over the graphics and everything the amount to do, and how slick it all is shows up just about every company going.

Seeing Fallout 76 next to this is just embarrassing for everyone and I hope the lesson has been hammered home to Bethesda, although it probably hasnt. What particularly gets me is that Fallout 76 was also supposed to be a multiplayer add-on to a single-player game, except they spun it off into a separate game, charged £60 for it, and… it was terrible.

But Red Dead Redemption II is basically two games in one and considering how huge the story campaign is that is some pretty amazing value for money. Weve had a lot of variants over why dont other companies copy Rockstar? in the last few months and its obvious a lot of it is down to money but I think its more than that.

Theres obviously a drive and vision at Rockstar that other developers dont have. And while that may make them get a bit carried, especially with the way they treat staff I think theyre the best developer in the world at the moment.

Hype Awards

Starting to feel the hype for The Game Awards now, even if it is on at stupid o clock and I cant watch it because of work. I always find it has better reveals than E3 usually, maybe not from the console manufacturers but the third party stuff is usually top notch.

Really hoping that Worlds Finest rumour turns out to be true, although the last thing I want is another grimdark version of Superman, or Batman and Robin for the matter. Will be interesting to see what approach Rocksteady take because theres obviously a lot of the Batman: Arkham games in the early DCEU films but will they recognise that people just dont want that stuff?

Or will they maybe think thats just cinema audiences and gamers still want everyone to be violent and angry? Im hoping for a more nuanced, optimistic take on that.

Im not holding my breath for the Alien game, and the Fallout-esque game isnt my cup of tea, but hopefully well get some first footage of Metroid Prime 4 and/or Bayonetta 3. Although knowing my luck itll just be Animal Crossing.

Directors Cut

Personally I think its a shame that Nintendo wont be doing a remaster of Zelda: Skyward Sword. As others have said it has some of the best dungeons in the whole series, which would be a welcome change of pace after Breath Of The Wild.

Although I think a remake rather than a remaster would be best as the whole first five hours or so is really boring and there is too much repetition and boring side quests. All it really needs is a bit of editing down though, so I dont see some sort of directors cut as being too much work.

Id also change how the bird controlled. Holding the controller forward, like a paper dart, never really worked for me. If they made you do it horizontally, so it was more like reigns, I think thatd be much better. Just a few little changes like that and I think the game will find new fans. Oh, and make Fi mute or change her to Navi!



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Character battle

I wonder if Epic Games are ever going to do a Fortnite spin-off of some kind. I know people have been asking that about Overwatch for a while, and they never have, but at least Overwatch has characters. As far as I know Fortnite does not, but maybe some kind of story-based game could add them?

Not sure if it would be multiplayer or not but Im sure theres something you could do use the basic gameplay in a different. The whole building element gives it a lot more to work with than Overwatch really, so you could imagine some kind of strategy game, city builder, or just Tower Defense.

Not that Epic has to worry about more money, obviously, but I think I just need characters to latch onto properly before I can really get into something. Or maybe I should just accept that Fortnite is for kids and Im not a kid anymore.

Art in inverted commas

So I see the rumours put Death Stranding as having a June release. I dont think thats unfeasible in terms of it being finished, so glad to find out its not the day after Call Of Duty or some other stupid date. I do wonder how the game is going to do though. It is super weird-looking even by Kojima standards and I dont see it appealing to casual gamers.

Thats exactly why Im so interested in it but I wonder what happens afterwards if its a flop? Being published by Sony will hopefully offer a bit of protection as they are usually very good about promoting art projects like this. I sometimes wonder why they do it really, since they dont sell and the average Call Of Duty/FIFA fan doesnt care, but I guess someone in the company just likes to see the Metacritc scores and feels thats enough.

Or maybe it adds to the whole mystique of the PlayStation, even if few people ever really play the games. Its a prestige thing, and Im assuming thats what Microsoft are going to be going for with buying people like Obsidian Entertainment. Im all for it.

Distraction needed

So how long until we get the first begging letter from Bethesda telling everyone how they do everything for the fans and theyve got a five point planning for fixing Fallout 76? If it hasnt happened already, and Ive missed, its got to be days away.

That bag thing was bad but its also kind of silly and you can tell that now blood is in the water sharks are circling and waiting for any sign of weakness. I hope theyve got a really good trailer ready for Rage 2 at The Game Awards, or whatever. Although the only thing that might really divert attention now is Elder Scrolls VI and proof that theyre finally doing something about their graphics.



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Definite improvement

I can completely understand all the backlash against Battlefield V, especially in terms of the lack of content, but Ive got to say I am really enjoying it. In terms of gameplay I really do think its the best the series has ever been. Its obvious still quite similar to Battlefield 1 but the gunplay is better, the vehicles are better, and the modes are better.

The map design is the only disappointment, although theyre not really bad – just a bit meh. I havent even bothered with the single-player stuff, and Ive no idea why DICE do either, but I like everything Ive seen in the game and I am very interested in the Battle Royale mode when it launches next year.

Sometimes I think we lose sight of the fact that a game doesnt have to have brand new ideas to be good, it just has to be an improvement on the last one. Or at least thats my view of it all. If the game gets a steady flow of free DLC next year then I will be very satisfied with my purchase. In fact, Ill be a little worried that if its not that successful they might change too much next time.

Inbox also-rans

This duffel bag business with Bethesda is just pathetic. Im almost beginning to feel sorry for them now, except all of it is their fault!

Bit late to the party but just want to say what a great game Into The Breach is. How they designed that thing I dont know, but it all fits together perfectly.

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The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are five years old this month and both are expected to be superseded by next generation models within the next two years. So what do you think of them so far, in terms of their games, their hardware, and the changes theyve brought to the industry?

If you include the Wii U and Switch as well what do you think of the generation as a whole and is it better or worse than previous ones? How do you think it will be looked back on when all is said and done, and which companies have done the best and worst overall?

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